Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Want to correct form, girls first pay attention to your diet. Change diet is the right solution in this situation, however, to achieve a perfect look by using the repair menu does not work.

To help solve the problem effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home for women. Today, there are various effects, which aim is to improve the appearance of the figure around the waist.

Thoughtless impact on the problem area can lead to the fact that the stomach is not only not reduce, but may even increase. So, experts strongly do not recommend to start mindlessly pumping the press up to the moment until the extra weight in the waist not be cleaned. This leads to muscle growth, but not reduce waist circumference. There are several other rules that must be followed to achieve the perfect figure, and continue to speak.

How to determine overweight

Often, women are like figures too picky. It turns out that they do not need to reduce the weight, but the exercises can be viewed only way to keep in shape. Today, there are several ways to ensure that the correction weight is really necessary.

Know whether to reduce weight and to adjust the problem area help:

  • the ratio of waist and hips,
  • body mass index,
  • the circumference of the waist.

Start the measurement you must check the relative size of waist and hips. You need to measure the narrowest part of the waist and the widest part of the hips. The resulting value should be shared. If the result is from 8.0 or more, has a high cardiovascular disease risk. In this case, the girl is necessary to adjust the menu and start to play the sport.

Another way is the definition of body mass index. The indicator indicates how many kg, 2 times divided by the number of growth.

If the value obtained was:

  • under 16 – underweight,
  • 16-18,5 – underweight,
  • 18.5 to 25 normal weight
  • 25-30 – overweight
  • 30-35 obesity is 1 degree,
  • 35-40 – obesity 2 degrees,
  • over 40 – obesity class 3.

The last test to determine whether to proceed losing weight, measurement of waist circumference. To perform an action, will take a tape measure and measure the abdomen and bulging flanks at the level of the navel. It is necessary to breathe normally. If the value obtained was more than 86 cm, it is urgent to draw up a training program, adjust your menu and start making.

Effective gymnastics center

Exercise is benefited, exercise is right. Effect on the muscle give results, sessions should be regular. You need to use for 30-60 minutes a couple times a week. Helps to reduce weight can and effective exercises for weight loss. The girl has to take it a rule to visit systematically, if it has to resort to complex loadings through time, the effect is.

Fitness is not just in the gym. To speed up the metabolism, experts suggest to remove and get out. To reduce weight, it is possible to use not only the usual aerobics exercises.

Experts say that faster burn fat with the help of powerful twisting for the correction of the abdomen. For this reason, it is better to give preference to them. To make such a condition, he's training heart rate of 60-85% of maximum heart rate readings. However, for beginners, this property is not suitable. Go to heavy load it is necessary under the strict supervision of the trainer.

To achieve the perfect press will help the following loads:

  • walking
  • bike
  • running
  • swimming

Do exercises for belly slimming natural, the girl will not only improve the image, but also to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

If a fashionista is suffering from back problems or joints, it is better to give preference to training on a stationary bike or an ellipsoid. You can only participate in the consultation with a specialist. It will examine the situation and propose how to proceed to reduce your waist, but do not harm the health.

To engage better with the music, it creates the right atmosphere and help to make longer and more efficiently. We must not forget the warm-up. It helps to prepare the muscles for future loads and minimize the risk of injury and the subsequent occurrence of pain. The same effect, and there is a hitch.

Today there is a whole list of exercises to fix the problem area. They help the girl to give the problem area a perfect look. But we should not forget that you have to deal with on a regular basis. In addition, to achieve the perfect press is only possible if the fashionista combined load of the diet, by the way, to lose weight does not work.


You need to take the following position: lying on your back, bend your legs, and feet at the same time put the entire surface of the floor. Hands are necessary to start behind the head or crossed on the chest. When the correct position is adopted, it is necessary to take a deep breath and exhale lift the body. Then again, you need to take a deep breath and lowered to its original position. During the operation of the person providing the load on the abdominal muscles.


Fitness wheel abs

You need to get down on the floor, hands to get the head and hook closure. Then the legs should be raised 30 degree angle and begin to turn the imaginary pedal. Duration of one round is 1 minute. After the completion of exposure in the press and on the stomach should return to the original position, repeat several times. Effective weight loss breaks must not be larger than 2 minutes.

Crunches legs elevated

This complex helps to remove the stomach, it works as follows position: girl lying on her back, raise the legs vertically upwards and crosses. You can then have to do the same movements that the classic twists and turns. Breathing is done when there is a lowering of the body and the border on foot, starting during the execution of the lift. When you have completed the steps necessary to return to the starting position. You need to make 10-15 times during the 3 approaches, which should be done in a row.


You need to take the following position: to lie on a hard surface. Put your hands along the body, the legs lift off the floor and begins to gently knock them against each other 3-5 times. Next, the feet should be carefully calculated, Exercise Plank twistsreturns to its original position, perform 9 times.

Plank twists

To make a standard plank position. Look at this need to move forward. Keep your body this position for 30 seconds. Then, if the breathing is not lost, go to the station side of the slats. Stand regulation 30 seconds to run to the other side.

A circular rotation

Having the right position, you need lie on your back, hands are behind your head, legs bent at the knees and put feet. Slightly strain the press and pull the ribs towards the pelvis. Then slowly make a circle in the upper part of the body and return to its original position. The abdominal muscles are tense. Repeat 5 times, 5 times in the other direction.

Deflection knees bent

Exercise affects the abdominal muscles and back. For its implementation it is necessary to take the following position: rest your elbows on the floor and knelt down. The legs should stand on his toes. Taking a pose, it is necessary to strain and tear your knees off the floor, hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position. Back you should try to keep in a straight line. Repeat 10 times. Run 2 approach.

Lose weight fast, the girl is right to take the necessary position and make the appropriate action. Implementation of the above-described complexes may be a part of daily charging.

Adherence to the simple recommendations presented in this article allows the girl to keep your abs and waist in good condition, and the gymnastics complex will be required to perform only maintaining muscle tone.

Expert opinion

I want to say that the theme of local for weight loss is quite "slippery" and cause a lot of controversy among dieticians and fitness trainers. Numerous studies have shown that exercise will train the muscles in the right area, but have little impact on the fat located there. Yes, because education is the local acceleration of blood flow and lipolysis, but it is so small that practically no effect on fat layer thickness.

Interesting results have been obtained in the study, which was conducted in 2007. It showed that the local physical activity can lead to more weight loss in these areas, that person is not coached.

So if you are going to lose weight "locally", do not do the main emphasis in exercise and pay attention to nutrition. And be sure to take care of the local cosmetic procedures. In conjunction with diet and exercise, they help a lot burn fat faster the right place. Good effect gives massage, hot and cold packs, contrast showers.

However, remember that local weight loss is not always give satisfactory results. Yes, you can lose a few extra inches, but not where designed for.


Coaches advise people who are overweight and fat folds on the stomach time to monitor their health, and to resort to the rules of effective weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Among the highlights are the following factors:

  • When eating you need to completely focus on it. It is important to think positively and think about the negative stuff.
  • Don't eat too much, is welcome if the table a man rose up with a slight feeling of hunger.
  • You want to practice proper nutrition – eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Remember to drink at night glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • If you experience hunger you need to drink a glass of water. First, the stomach is full and does not send signals to the immediate consumption of food. Second, often the feeling of thirst people experience abuse – in the form of hunger.
  • It is recommended to find interesting outdoor activities – Hobbies that can replace a heavy workout at the gym. It should perform light exercise – climb the stairs on foot, walking more, using buying from the store in the hands, not the movement of the car.
  • Religious people can read before each use of food-prayer. If not, simply thank life inherited the plate of food.

All of the recommendations, you can forget, if you think positively. You can lose weight with an active lifestyle, meeting with friends and family, exciting activities, and constant fun and smiles his radiant smile.


"Lose the extra fat from the body is very difficult and I think many will agree with me. With the help of these effective and very simple exercises, I was able to get rid of excess fat deposits. I spent charging a little time, but 2 times a day and observe proper nutrition."

"I'm not a young woman, and my age, the problem areas are clearly visible, and hide them is almost impossible. My husband advised me to exercise every day. Their individual exercise spend 20 minutes every morning and what do you think? The result will not let me wait. The abdominal muscles strengthened, and excess fat lost after 3 months."

"Although I am a young girl, but the problem of the waist I have. What to do with them-I don't know. Hall went, only his feet pumped up, but to get rid of what I wanted, did not happen. Every morning my mother and I decided to do crunches and the plank. I think, honestly, that I don't fit it, but the result turned out pretty good."