Popular options of fasting days for weight loss

Fasting days, in fact, is cleansing, it is a detox program. They help to prepare for beach season, to give rest to the digestive organs after the feast, and cleanse the body. This is the best way to quickly improve the condition.

Right conduct fasting days

fasting days

The demolition program is based on a special diet — use during day one of the product. During the day you should only eat low-calorie food. This gives you the ability to digestive system easier to cope with the incoming food. The energy that had to go to the distribution of the various components, is released to cleanse the body. Thus, it is possible to say goodbye to excess fat, toxins from the body. Days for weight loss will be held twice a month. Wrong unloading days is dangerous, because of deficit of necessary substances. If this is a serious problem with obesity, should consult a doctor.

Having decided to spend the day for weight loss, you need to follow some conditions, make this a comfortable and correct:

  • fasting days you need to arrange with busy schedules. This will help not to think about food too often. You can take care of on hand low-fat yogurt that will satisfy the acute hunger;
  • intense physical activity is recommended to be removed. Saving energy helps move the fasting days easier. But to sit in one place also not necessary, because this leads to a stronger feeling of hunger. It is good to go for a massage, a bath, or just move around in the fresh air;
  • the unloading process should take place naturally. No need to take laxatives or diuretics. Excessive load on the kidneys may damage;
  • two or three liters of water is the norm fasting diet for weight loss. It is better to drink as much as possible early in the day. In the morning on an empty stomach should be taken with a tablespoon of vegetable oil to prevent stagnant phenomena in the liver. Drink infusion of herbs cholagogue, or pelvis;
  • you should eat slowly, chew food slowly, this will contribute to a stronger feeling of satiety even with small pieces and promote weight loss.

The amount of food that consists of protein products is not more than 600 grams. If it is fruit or vegetable a day, never more than two pounds. One day behavior, you can lose up to a pound of excess weight. Regular repetition will lead to more dramatic results in weight loss. Of course, before you perform the shake of the body should listen to the advice of the doctor. Especially it concerns pregnant women and new mothers, as well as serious diseases.

Use handling days:

  • the body gets to rest rich foods, consumption of incompatible products;
  • leaving the stock in the form of toxins, which promotes weight loss;
  • without a proper diet method of weight loss, day of discharge to help start the metabolism and speed up the metabolism;
  • fasting days can be at the beginning, the transition to proper nutrition, will help you adjust your diet towards more wholesome foods;
  • strength training not only helps with weight loss, but also for achieving other goals.

The most popular fasting days

Day of discharge should be based on personal food preferences. But if you want quick result, you should choose a diet, cucumbers and apples.

Apple day

the right weight loss

This is the most available and useful for unloading the body. Apples are rich in vitamins, but low in calories, rich in antioxidants and normalize the bowels. You will need two pounds of green, unsweetened apples, a couple gallons of plain mineral water without gas. You can make green tea without sugar or rose. The total number of apples, you need to divide in six parts. About a third of the apples and bake with cinnamon or honey. It is recommended to cook all the apples acidity of the stomach, gastritis and ulcers. An apple a day can rid the body of three pounds overweight. We just have to be prepared for the fact that apples promote good appetite.

Pregnant women and those who do not take such a strict fasting day, you can add apples, low-fat cottage cheese. One day you should take 600 grams of curd and a kilo of apples. Water — at least two liters. When the toxicosis is good to use Apple-kefir day, which consists of one and a half liters of yogurt and one and a half pounds of apples.

Day cucumber

On the right, cucumbers can be called a champion among the most powerful vegetable fasting day. With a minimum of calories this plant is a special acid, which prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Calories per day should not exceed 300 kcal, which is useful for weight loss. Cucumber fasting day to get rid of 3.5 pounds. This day should be held without strenuous exercise. You need a fresh cucumber, half kilo, divided into five or six parts. We need to remove the salt, spices and other additives. To complement the menu, two eggs and a couple of tablespoons of bran.

Buckwheat day

This option for weight loss helps get rid of excess weight, cleanse the digestive system, normalizes metabolism. One Cup of grains, pour double the amount of boiling water and steamed. The grain is whole grain. Porridge is better to prepare the night before. To add anything not necessary. Buckwheat is a slow carbohydrates, so it is a good saturated and does not increase blood sugar. And will a liter of yogurt.

Oatmeal is took food six times a day, it should drink kefir. This combination of products, has a laxative effect and cleanses the intestines, which also helps with weight loss. You should drink mineral water or herbal tea. The day lasts more than half a kilogram overweight. Is it possible, and more, but without spices and additives it is impossible, that affect the chapter.

Protein per day

Protein fasting day you can lose weight is a little more complicated to prepare, but no less effective. It is recommended to do once a week to fix normal weight. For breakfast you need to take one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Afterwards, you dose of protein shake. Cooking it is to stir a glass of milk, a banana and a hundred grams of cheese. You can use ready-made cocktail of sports nutrition. You need to eat a hundred grams of veal, boiled or fried, to drink unsweetened coffee.

After 4 hours, start lunch, which consists of a glass of mineral water, two hundred grams of boiled beef, tomatoes, greens. Finished processing lunch green tea. After 4 hours you need to eat a maximum of two hundred grams of chicken breast, cooked and release the skin. You can eat a small serving of chinese cabbage salad. As fit to drink a glass of mineral water, as well as a choleretic tea. Four hours after taken dinner. The evening meal consisted of two hundred grams of beans, tomato and glass of tomato juice.

Kefir day

diet for weight loss

This fasting day will come up to two liters of yogurt, which should be consumed throughout the day five or six receptions. Kefir discharge day is very convenient because of its simplicity and efficiency. It helps to lose weight by two kilograms. This is a useful product, normalize the microflora of the intestine and to clean its impact on the deterioration of, the day the yogurt is better to spend houses.

Fasting days are the fast way to freshen and provide effective rest to your body after excesses in eating. But you should understand that the weight goes is not due to fat loss, but mainly for bowel cleansing of toxins and get rid of the excess water. Therefore, a diet is a temporary measure, to help you quickly get in shape.