Weight loss for women

The female body differs greatly from men, it also applies to weight gain and weight loss. Several are in front of their spouses the speed at which we are gaining extra pounds, but we parted them much more slowly than the stronger sex. Every woman's life there will be times when his body is in a state of "high risk". Pregnancy and feeding the baby, and when the childbearing age is past, comes the turn of the year.

diet for women

Hormonal changes often provoke a set of excess weight, then there is a problem, not only to maintain the appearance of attractiveness, which is important for women always. It is also a general health. In time weight loss in women of Mature age is the key to a long, healthy life, without diabetes, heart attack, ischemia, hypertension and other threatening "satellites" of obesity.

How to lose weight women

All companies, including weight loss for women, is successful only when it is clearly designed for. If you have decided to part with the accumulated fat deposits, back to harmony and beauty, this in itself is wonderful, but without a carefully drawn plan, the initiative is likely to remain only a dream. So, how to lose weight women? Here are a few recommendations:

  • To assess objectively the actual condition of the body and determine how many pounds you want to lose weight. If your goal is General health of the body, it is sufficient that the weight was equal to height in cm minus 110, if you are under thirty years; minus 100, if you are thirty-five ten years; minus 90 if you are over fifty years;
  • Decide what time to expect to leave the overweight. Note, however, that during the first two weeks for weight loss in women can usually lose 5-7 pounds, but then the speed gradually decreases to 2-4 pounds a month, and it's great;
  • Analyze your diet subject's average daily caloric intake. The number of calories that a woman weighing less than 70 pounds – about 1200 a day. If the weight is between 70-90 kg, you need every day to 1500-1700 calories, but the amount of calories for women with serious excess weight to 1800 a day. Then when the weight loss caloric intake is reduced;
  • To determine the relative composition of their menu. Calculate, how many % it contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Weight loss program for women involves a diet with 15-20% protein, 10-15% fat and the rest carbohydrates. Proteins when it is best to get lean meat, poultry, fish and cheese. Fats – mostly high-quality vegetable oil (preferably olive). Carbohydrates at least 90% must be "complex" (whole grains, vegetables, fruits, berries);
  • To calculate the "enemy of a good figure" in your diet and dispose of them. Weight loss for women often becomes a problem, because of addiction to baking with white flour, cakes, pastries, sweets, soft drinks and other Goodies. They need to say goodbye. All kinds of substitutes, such as fast food, packaged juices, biscuits and chips, you too are completely useless;
  • Make a plan sports training, or at least set hours of moderate exercise – walking, Cycling. Even if you have obviously overweight and in poor health, need to get used to vigorous movement, because without it, losing weight quickly will not work.

Fitness program for women

how to lose weight women

The perfect fitness program for women should be built on the following principle:

  • Aerobic activity – 60%;
  • Strength exercises – 20%;
  • Exercises for flexibility – 20%.

Cardio workout for weight loss for women are very different – it can be aerobics, dancing, running, jumping rope, gymnastics. You can choose what you like the most. The best option is to enroll in a section or buy a subscription to a gym to attend classes 2-3 times a week. Get your friends, not be bored alone. Regular athletic training for weight loss for women can become your favorite hobby, if you are in good company and you will be happy to change the picture.

If you have no opportunity to train a sports facility or health does not allow actively, create your own, unique fitness program for women. It can include Hiking in the fresh air, Cycling, nature, travel, skiing, active games with the kids, simple sports games (badminton, table tennis). At home you can do crunches, twist hula-Hoop, jump rope.

Effective weight loss for women requires daily physical activity, because without it, the picture has become even more attractive contours. The extra weight you can remove through your diet, but you can replace the pounds should come strong muscles, but not saggy skin.

How to lose weight after 50 women

What we are older, the more difficult it is to deal with the accumulated fat deposits, and the risk of getting them multiplied. Weight loss for women of Mature age – not an easy task, since often the perfect woman does not have the motivation. After reaching a certain age and are immersed in the daily routine of a Mature woman stop to get the highest requirement in their appearance. Personal life is troubled, as the particular not anyone, and women forget that he is first to please themselves.

How to lose weight after 50 women? Need, that you really want. Share your plan with family and friends. When to notify your family of the decision to lose weight, the motivation process is automatically activated.

Successful weight loss for women 50 years after the initial visit to a highly qualified gynecologist-endocrinologist. You must pass the full examination and a blood test for hormones. So you know for sure whether you have diabetes, adrenal insufficiency or thyroid gland. If there is a problem, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary medicines.

How to lose weight for women of Mature years at home? You need to draw up a menu. In your diet should be as much protein as the diet of the young girl. Enough to eat a day 80-120 grams of easily digestible protein, which is better to get fish, chicken breast or veal.

It is very important not to abuse the animal fats. Do not buy a trade of margarine and lard just because it is inexpensive. Saving money is important, but health is more important. Don't fry foods, better bake in the oven or cook in a double boiler. Weight loss for women of Mature age require the presence of 20 to 50 grams of fat in the diet.

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"Complex" carbohydrates should be the basis of your menu. Eat porridge every day, prepare the steamed vegetables on the side. Fresh fruits and berries provide the body with vitamins. Treat yourself to your favorite fruit every day, it is healthier and cheaper than the pastries and cakes.