Most diets

overweight on a diet and most of the weight loss

The Internet is full of the best diets: the most effective, the easiest, the fastest and the best diets. How can you choose the best for yourself?

Unfortunately, most diets for one person are not suitable for another. Therefore, before choosing a multi-diet, it is important to consider all aspects and pay attention to the option that will benefit the most from harm.

Depending on the amount of excess fat, you can choose a short or long diet. For example, fasting diets or fasting days after the New Year holidays will help perfectly. If you have a lot of extra pounds, then you should go on a diet for at least two weeks.

If you have chronic diseases or allergies to certain foods, then you should not only choose a diet that does not hurt, but also helps to avoid unpleasant manifestations of the disease.

And remember, most diets shouldn't bother you. You need to feel good and be in a good mood. You need to be calm so that the diet does not hurt.

The fastest diet

Fast diets are diets that give maximum effect in a minimum amount of time, often with short-term results, but you need to have them in your arsenal for emergencies. Such diets can be either mono diets or low calorie diets.

Mono-diets include fasting days on kefir, buckwheat, apples and baked potatoes. These diets can be extended for days or even weeks, but it is better not to abuse them because the body is seriously deficient in vitamins and minerals.

You can significantly reduce your diet to 4 apples, a lemon, 200 g of boiled lean meat and a few pieces of dry bread.

Another way to lose weight fast is to drink a glass of warm water before each meal, then eat a large portion of a salad decorated with butter and lemon juice or low-fat yogurt. As a meal, you can use boiled eggs, boiled lean meat or cereals.

The simplest diet

One of the simplest is the water diet. There is no need to change your diet or follow a special menu. Drink one or two glasses of warm water immediately before meals. Thus, water replaces food in the stomach, which will not allow it to be filled with food.

The most effective diet

One of the most effective is the so-called protein diet. It is based on the calculation of points for the use of protein products, you should use 20 points at the beginning of the diet after 40 per day.

The best diet

Many diets compete for this title, but fans of the "System-60" consider it the most effective. It's not even a diet, it's called a food system, which means you can't sit down for a week and lose a few pounds and start eating the old way. If this system is chosen, then ideally you should sit on it for the rest of your life.

In addition, the -60 system is very simple and diverse, eating according to this system, the body receives all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. , This diet is also known to be the safest, there will be no discomfort from the gastrointestinal tract or other body. systems.

This nutrition system is based on separate nutrition principles, as well as the fact that in the morning the body burns all the calories due to its vital activity and does not have time to accumulate in the form of layers of fat.

So you can eat whatever you want for breakfast. Thus, there will be no constant thoughts about a certain food (chocolate, fried potatoes or pasta), which often refers to strict diets with a clear menu.

For lunch, you can eat vegetables with meat and fish (ie, protein carbohydrates), but potatoes and pasta cannot be combined with meat. For example, if potatoes are cooked in broth, they cannot be added to soups. You can also use any milk or fermented dairy products with normal fat content.

Dinner is the most difficult meal of the day, there are separate food groups that can be consumed. For example, boiled meat or fish, or vegetables or grains. All dishes are either boiled, cooked or baked. These product groups should not be mixed. Dinner should not end 4 hours before bedtime, after which you can take a glass of dry red wine and a few slices of cheese.

Another important condition is mandatory sports activities for at least half an hour a day.