Remedies for weight loss

Remedies for weight loss - reviews weight-loss drugs: pills for weight loss, microcrystalline cellulose, slimming tea, Thai pills, fruit extracts, "super system six," tools for weight loss reviews.

It seems that it is easier – in the pharmacy-this is what the choice means for weight loss. Pills, tea, sprays appetite, fat burners. Swallow and folds at the waist! These are all methods of the money used for? Let's see!

Pills for weight loss

remedies for weight loss

Pharmacy offers you ten ways to lose weight, but only a few really help to cope with the problem, and then only on condition that a man, limit yourself to food, actively moving. If you sit all day in front of the computer, and the night did not depart from the fridge, even the best preparation is powerless!

Preparations, reduce appetite

This means that reduces appetite, in the form of sprays, tablets and aromatic compositions, which need to breathe. Before buying study their composition. In the annotation set of caffeine? Looking for a more secure way. A little spray of the spray may contain a dose of 300 cups of coffee! After application my heart is beating like crazy, the pressure rollers, the shaking of hands, and, in addition, insomnia...

Box remedies for weight loss not to mention caffeine? Listed vitamin ( ascorbic acid) and chemical compounds ( sodium benzoate ), herbs ( kidneys and birch leaves, burdock root ) and essential oils of plants, to remove the desire to eat? This drug does not bring harm ( unless you are allergic to any of the components, but it is not deadly ). He is another question. Depends on how strong the appetite how much you eat enough to move.

Is it worth the hit hunger aromatherapy, carefully selected essential oil. The number of plants, wherein the desired flavors - anise, orange, Basil, bergamot, Valerian, verbena, clove, geranium, grapefruit, marjoram, fir, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, hyssop, cedarwood, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, incense, leuzea, lemon, marjoram, Mandarin, melissa, Mira, Myrtle, juniper, nutmeg, mint, neroli, patchouli, chamomile, rosemary, rose, and rose and tea tree, sandalwood, pine, thyme, sage, fennel and eucalyptus.

Note: these essential oils are expensive ( 30-50.e. the bottle ). This is understandable: squeeze the precious drops, need to process mountains of raw materials. Cheap oil – the best result of breeding a signature flavor of conventional vegetable oil. At worst – is a synthetic analogue of the natural essential oils smell, which is not its medicinal properties.

Identify a fake is easy: sprinkle essential oil on paper and wait until evaporated. The quality of the product does not leave grease stains.

Pros. If the cause of your fullness overeating, drugs would help cut the food without much effort from you. When you start to follow the diet, frustrations, very sad, and to avoid it, you can curb your appetite, including additional means for weight loss.

Cons. Such tools are not taught to eat properly after the withdrawal of the appetite returns.

Price from 15.e. a bottle of essential oil, spray 2-3 times more expensive.

Microcrystalline cellulose ( MCC )

If you believe the advertising, free of extra pounds and toxins – the end products of metabolism. It is made of specially treated cotton. The composition and properties of micro-cellulose fiber are close to fruits and vegetables. The operating principle is the following: to swell in the stomach, it creates the illusion of satiety, not digested, and acts like a brush in the intestines passes through the digestive tract, mechanically cleaned.

New in recent years – tablets MCC, enriched with minerals and vitamins. They keep the bio-additives add properties – tonic and tonic.

Pros. Normalizes digestion and you can use a smaller amount of food.

Cons. Losing only one ICC is quite difficult. That is not desirable, it is necessary not to swallow 3-4 tablets, and all that is in the bottle, and this is the overdose!

The price is the lowest of all weight loss drug in this class, which, in fact, the demand among buyers.

Tea for weight loss

how to lose weight by using drugs

Nothing but laxatives and diuretic herbs ( such as grasses, cowberry leaf ), this tea is not. Some varieties are designed to not only reduce weight, but also clean – it consists of dry powder, beet concentrate, activated charcoal. This tea can be a serious challenge, so long as it ends with diarrhea.

Worth it to bring the monthly payment to the end, maybe lose a couple of pounds, and depleted and the end will come, so after dysentery.

Pros. Products from well-known manufacturers with a well-chosen combination of herbs has soft, do reduce appetite and normalize the bowels.

Cons. Of poor quality fakes ( and a lot of them ) cause diarrhea and dehydrate the body. If an emergency order to release the intestine the greater part of its contents, and withdrew from the tissue fluid per day to lose 3-5 kg. But it will take a day or more, and all is restored, even too much: the digestive system is again filled with food, the body is nourished with moisture. When the kidneys and intestines, accustomed to the stimulation from the outside, began to be lazy, and you can swell and covered with dirt, for overseeding laxatives and diuretics.

The price is quite affordable – from 5 to 10.e. per pack.

Thai tablets

Banned in civilized countries, and which is not registered in the Russian market, but sometimes still come across in the capital's shops, which sell Oriental products to maintain the form.

When in 1990 fen-phen was received for examination test center food Institute of nutrition, revealed that they contain the elements of plant origin and chemical components.

Flower elements will not cause this review – is an herb traditionally recommended for weight loss. Chemical ingredients and experts worried. Phentermine think psychotropic tool, reminiscent of the drugs. Use it in food supplements is forbidden!

Pros. They simply do not. Weight loss in this case can not be considered good. Addicts do not suffer over it, but you're not going to take medication to lose weight!

Cons. American doctors have found that each of the third, the receiving fen-phen, affects the heart valves. According to Russian doctors, drugs worsen sleep, hair fall, exfoliate nails, flaky skin – such as a serious deficiency.

Price- it is usually out of the question: this stuff you do not need a gift!

Fruit extracts

Instructions weight loss drugs in this group often says something unintelligible, such as "the capsule will destroy as many calories as 15 ( ! ) kg of fresh fruits." However, the explanation, as it happens, is also vague: "the Fruit acids combined with a diet of calories". As calories are in pure form and can prevent dietary fat, and excrete!

Part of the reception differences. The packaging says to take before meals note (the"Application" ): during the meal, and above, under the "Action" the buyer told me: "When before lunch and dinner, you can take one of these capsules..."

Pros. Supplies the body with amino acids ( lysine, phenylalanine ), vitamins ( B6, PP, C ), macro - and trace elements ( iron, magnesium, silicon ), and fruit acids that stimulate the metabolism.

Cons. Not affect weight, but can only be applied as a supporting biological active Food supplement for slimming.

Price - 20.e. per pack ( enough for 10 days ).

Fat burners

They do, of course, do not burn, although to some extent, promote the metabolism and help to better tolerate exercise. These funds are intended primarily for those who lead an active lifestyle. Take the plant enzyme bromelain pineapple and papaya. During aerobic exercise, when elevated pulse and respiration, bromelain acts as a catalyst for fat metabolism.

But if you are not handy fitness, lose weight take the pineapple does not make sense – because a separate tool for weight loss is not suitable. But know that the women appreciate this bio-additive to another. Bromelain reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and facilitate the work of the heart, improves the mood on the eve of the critical days.

the right weight loss

Pros. Active and fitness the fat burners help to lose weight.

Cons. Don't expect to lose them, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, only money to throw it away!

Price from 20.e. for the packing.

Super system six

Contains many useful links: 72 minerals and 12 vitamins, which normalize metabolism.

Chromium picolinate produces muscle mass and reduces cravings for sweets. Ginger, paprika, extracts of kola nut and green tea increase energy expenditure, helping to burn calories.

Pros. The drug is tested on celebrities. But remember: if the super-system has helped the Valley to change branches, it does not mean that you will be running at the same deformation. No wonder, that theway to lose weight is not exempt from the need to work on yourself.

Cons. Without fitness and diet has had a restorative effect.

Price of 30-40.e. for the packing.