How to quickly and effectively lose weight at home?

One of the most urgent problems of the modern world is overweight. It is particularly important for women, who are very critical of their appearance. Today learn ways to lose weight from many different sources: Internet, newspapers, television, glossy magazines offer women's a lot of options for weight loss. But they are so effective and safe? How to lose weight for women your own home to bring the figure in order not to harm your health?

rules for weight loss

The basic rules of competent weight loss

Every person who starts to fight against excess weight and ask yourself the question, how to lose weight fast at home, it should be clear that wrong, too fast methods of weight loss when you can lose significant portion of weight in a very short time, in most cases lead to only temporary weight loss. Dropped weight will come back and "lead" and "friends" in the form of 3-5 pounds, and together they appear sleepiness, fatigue, hair loss and even anorexia.

Proper and safe weight loss is complex and is not very fast process. However, do not despair, you can lose weight effectively at home under the power of every man, the most important thing is to follow some rules and listen to the advice of experts. To start the process to improve your body needs internal work. It is important to get rid of insecurity in their abilities, which is inherent in the people overweight, you need to stop being afraid and move confidently towards the goal. You need to understand that losing weight is very necessary to you yourself, be a man, a friend, a coach or a doctor-nutritionist.

Experts recommend to set themselves specific and realistic goals, eg. lose weight in a week 5 kg, and then the process of weight loss does not seem to be anything terrible, and growing thin – an impossible task. To start the process of weight loss and make it permanent, you need to:

  1. view and plan your diet. Experts recommend eating 5-6 times a day, be sure to eat Breakfast and dinner 4 hours before bedtime. However, not everyone can change their lives to these recommendations, one by no means can cram Breakfast, and another the absence of a perfect dinner is a real torture. Approach the preparation of your own menu, you are relevant, most importantly, the food was healthy and wholesome, and the food was fractional and evenly within a day;
  2. normalize nocturnal sleep, which should last at least 7 hours, to enter your busy schedule every day to rest for 30-60 minutes. This can be meditation, a leisurely walk in the Park at lunchtime or NAPs, when it is possible. Whichever method you choose, without proper sleep it will not give the expected results;
  3. give your body a continuous, regular, doable exercise. If the extra weight is too large, you need to enter the routine of regular Hiking comfortable pace, it is possible, give up lifts and public transport. As soon as the weight goes, and is available for more active loads, can you do a morning jog and enroll in a gym. Doing sports at home or in the gym, it is important to keep drinking regime and to monitor their well-being.
eating for weight loss

It has three main points that you want to bring to life a person who wants to lose weight. In addition, in order to lose weight, shrink in volume and become attractive, you need to take care of the condition of the skin, which is stretched in the process of weight gain and sometimes covered with stretch marks, and after reset it can become very flabby and ugly. To avoid this, in addition, physical activity is not superfluous to introduction your own schedule weekly sessions with a massage using nourishing formulations. This procedure helps to tone the skin and muscles, making them flexible.

What should be the diet for weight loss

Anyone who is interested in how to lose weight fast at home, the first thing you need to change your diet and strengthen the drinking system. The issue of nutrition must be approached carefully and sensibly. If you are unsure of the right choice for any special diet or eating habits do not allow that to limit yourself or go to a monotonous diet, it is best to consult a professional nutritionist. He will tell you how to lose weight without pills, diet Supplements, magic pills, burn fat, and help to organize the meals.

If you are wondering how to lose weight in a week at home safely and effectively, then the correct and honest answer is – no! Without harm to the mental or physical health, to achieve significant results in so short a time is almost impossible. Unreasonable to restrict the use of fats, proteins and carbohydrates can be very dangerous in losing weight person, as all of these components are substances needed by the body for normal metabolism. Much more important to learn how all these components are intelligently combined and eat at the same time in small portions, and thinner so the body gradually get used to this diet and be satisfied with that.

But still, how to lose weight fast and keep the weight is normal? The most important rules of nutrition for those who want to lose weight you need to eat regularly. Throughout the day dose should be divided in the following proportions:

  • Breakfast – 30%;
  • lunch – 50 %;
  • dinner – 20%.

The daily menu should include fiber, which you can get bran, fruit, vegetables and bread flour. It is important to remember that even the most effective method of weight loss does not give any results, if not removed from the menu sweets, fast food, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Organized exercise correctly

As you know, the approach to losing weight is to be comprehensive, so in addition to proper and regular supply is to give your body a workout. Sport is important, the body of the activation and normalization of metabolism, which makes the breakdown of fat and its excretion from the body as quickly as possible.

How to lose weight in a month 8-10 kg and hold the weight then for a long time, not increase it? Answer: to train properly and regularly. In the early stages, especially if the excess weight is significant and impairs motor activity, such as daily load, you can use walking or swimming, and later, when the muscles are strengthened, and the weight is reduced a little, you can go Jogging and Cycling or exercise bike. Possible, you can enroll in a gym, go to step-aerobics, yoga or Pilates.

load weight

But what if you can't attend the gym? How to lose weight fast for men at home to be beautiful and healthy? You can buy a simple, inexpensive and effective sports equipment – hula-Hoop (Hoop) and jump rope. These sports tools are provided everyday training will help you lose weight and build metabolism.

Need to implement training so that all the movements were fun, so clothes should be comfortable, and the air in the room fresh. Choose the most convenient time for training, eliminate the occurrence of interference (to put the phone in vibrate mode, turning off the doorbell, the TV, computer, etc.), you can turn to your favorite music and start training. You need to visit at least four times a week, 30 minutes each workout should be devoted to the heart, so you will need to engage in.