How to lose weight man

It is no secret that women are critical of themselves and their appearance, both men lowering, and if women increase waist circumference 1-2 cm, it is necessary to go to the gym, man "beer" belly experience will be the norm (some even believe that he adds strength).

What should be the ideal weight of men?

how to lose weight man

The easiest way to understand if your weight calculation of body mass index.

BMI is equal to weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. BMI values of 19 to 25 is the norm. If your BMI is under 19, this is nothing to worry about, because there is a lack of body weight. If your BMI is more than 25, you are overweight, and no excuses not about the age and reliability is not justified. From a BMI of 30, you can talk about obesity.

For example, the ideal weight for males is 180 cm tall should be in the range of 61.5 to 81 kg.

How to lose weight man

So you have found that is the extra weight. How to lose weight man?

First of all, don't throw out from bad to worse. For example, you should begin an hour every day, think about joints – for them it is a serious burden, weight. Exercise must be introduced gradually, starting with aerobic– fast walking, Cycling. First of all, at the very least, stop elevators and escalators and walk. Also enter your schedule of exercise strength training – they allow you to build muscle mass and speed up metabolism. High metabolism also contributes to just weight loss. That is, to lose weight for men help you a balanced workout.

Secondly, take the time. Many people wonder how to become a real man, no need to worry at all about it, the faster the process of losing weight, the more stress on the body and the greater the likelihood that lost weight will not return as soon as you enter into the rhythm of life. So reformulate your question: "how to become a man," and "how to lose a man forever." However, if for some reason, it is important to time (for example, you are going to a beach party, and worried about what impression it will), the recommendations are pretty standard: fast to lose weight a man should be 3-5 days in a very restricted caloric intake, drink kefir and more water, not eat meat, but eat cereal and give up salt so that the body of excess water, cleanse the intestines and reduce its volume in the stomach. But effective long weight loss takes time – no harm to your health can lose more than 1-1. 5 kg per week, more significant weight loss is already bad for.

It often happens that in order to lose weight, men are starting to use radical methods, for example, began a hunger. But keep in mind, if you don't give your body food, he "goes into hibernation", which reduces metabolism and slows down all processes, and as soon as the first opportunity to begin again to accumulate fat mass. Or who want to lose weight men start to wear down from excessive physical training, forgetting that this load is rather extreme the heart, blood vessels, joints and many other organs and body systems.

In order to lose weight man, you need to create a 20% calorie deficit per day – this gives him to easily shed off some pounds, and it does not harm their health. So, if you want to lose weight at home men help calculator (to calculate calories) and a bit of caution and patience. A small caloric deficit in combination with reasonable exercise will help you lose weight a man without stress and great changes, and without harm to health.

Norm of calories for men

diet for weight loss

Daily calorie allowance for men is calculated using the following formula:

10 x weight kg + 6.25 x height in cm – 5 x age in years + 5

This is the essence of change, that is, those calories that your body needs to maintain the processes of his life. Now, depending on what physical activity, basal metabolism figures need to be multiplied by the exercise:

1.2 –weak exercise, sedentary work;

1.375 –moderate physical activity, training, 1-3 times a week;

1.4625 –average physical activity, workout 3-5 times a week;

1.550 –intense exercise 5 times a week, physical work;

1.6375 –exercise every day, high physical activity;

1.725 –hard daily exercise or twice a day.

1.9 –daily intensive training or training twice a day, heavy physical work, competition, etc.

Let's find out the calorie intake in men 30 years of age, whose height is 180 cm and weight 90 kg.

10 x 90+6.25 x 180-5 x 30+5=1880 kcal is the main change. It is assumed that a man working programmer and he is very low level of physical activity. 1880 x 1.2=2256 kcal. Now consider: in order to lose weight man, our example, he needs to create a deficit was 20 percent of calories. It is a weight loss diet, that his daily intake of calories should be 1804,8 kcal.

How to lose weight at home man

To lose weight at home man to help his friend or partner, who has the time to pick up a sandwich and get to control the size of portions. But seriously, it is really to lose weight man at home is not difficult. The restriction of calories we have already said. Now a little about diet.

The diet must exclude all the things that he loves. Fall under the ban of the following products:

  • white bread;
  • fatty meat;
  • meat semi-finished and finished products;
  • salami and sausages;
  • potatoes and pasta unlimited;
  • soda;
  • sweets;
  • chips, popcorn and other fast food;
  • dumplings;
  • flour;
  • sugar;
  • fatty, spicy, salty and smoked;
  • fried food.


  • fruits and vegetables, berries;
  • lean meat, poultry and fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • bean;
  • grains and cereals (except semolina and white rice);
  • fruit and vegetable juices;
  • nuts, dried fruits;
  • milk and dairy products with low fat content;
  • boiled, steamed, fried foods and dishes prepared on the grill;
  • low-fat soups, herbal teas and unsweetened tea.
weight loss for men

When losing weight, and indeed always, be sure to drink enough water. Adults a small amount of water a day – 2 liters. Water is essential to all of the internal processes of the body, and in addition, when you lose weight, products of fat breakdown, which you want to display, so they do not accumulate in the body, this also needs water.

Don't forget about exercise – a moderate balanced exercise 2-3 times a week will help you shed excess pounds and make the body relief, to pump up the muscles.

We should also say alcohol. Rare man limited to a glass of beer watching a football match, right? But beer, like all alcohol, is very rich in calories! A pint of beer – at least 250 kcal. And snacks, fatty, fried, salty, carbohydrate-Usually in one emotional evening in good company, a man may unwittingly consume up to 5000 calories. It is not necessary to talk about where those calories go.