Best diet for quick weight loss in a week

Lose weight in a week-is the dream of many girls/women. And it is really possible. But this Express-method helps to get rid of a few pounds, only between 4 and 7, and is not for all women. It is necessary not only to know the basic rules of such a rapid weight loss, but also to understand that the process can affect the whole body.

Rules of diet for quick weight loss in a week

diet for weight loss

Before embarking on a "marathon", you need to see and remember some rules:

  • make sure that there are no contraindications (from a medical point of view) a strict diet;
  • we cannot allow the presence of hunger: the body will perceive this as a sign of the deposition of a larger number of "reserve" in the form of fat;
  • you can't violate drinking regime: per day your body needs two liters of pure water, green tea;
  • the "magic" menu does not mean that you can't do without exercise, along with a class of elementary school gymnastics, Hiking, or swimming-the results are really great.

The best diet and menu

There are many methods, fast weight loss, you can choose something suitable, and I'm not hungry all the time diet. But it is clear that all the weeks in the diet is associated with a drastic reduction of food rations and eat only meatless dishes.

Hard rice diet

In the morning on an empty stomach to eat half of the amount received the product, the rest is divided into equal parts to use during the day to 19 hours.

This diet is really hard, so it can be diluted with the following products:

  • Apple green savoury varieties – day 2 — 3 pieces;
  • cooked vegetables (carrots, young zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower) – 200 g per day;
  • baked pumpkin – 300 g per day;
  • raw vegetables (any cabbage, cucumber) up to 300 grams per day.

This does not mean that day you can eat all the "supplements" of rice at once! If the first day of the food based on rice and two apples, then the next can vary the menu, and cook only rice and boiled vegetables. Sauces and spices should not enjoy but you can drink water and green tea almost all the amount.

Fast and effective fruit

This weight loss method is transferred easily enough, fruit does not need to heat treatment, and you can always find them through. Get to include in the menu dairy products, which eliminates the feeling of hunger and the desire to "break." For example, menu 7 day fast fruit diet:

  • one and a half kilograms of apples savoury varieties + 100 grams of cottage cheese or 1 liter of whole milk;
  • three pounds of fruit, such as watermelon;
  • 400 grams bananas + 1 liter of low-fat yogurt;
  • three pounds of green apples + 150 grams of cottage cheese;
  • two kilograms of ripe pears, with a sweet and sour flavor + 1 liter of whole milk;
  • 2 pounds of any fruit;
  • 800 grams bananas 100 grams of cottage cheese or 1 liter of low-fat yogurt.

Each item in this list corresponds to one day. When this menu is possible to get rid of 4 — 5 kg per week, but you need to realize that fiber comes from such amount in the body, provoking diarrhea.

Fast diet

the right weight loss

On the basis of a diet for a week would be onion soup. This is a truly unique product, effectively burn fat, promote the rapid loss of extra pounds, but leaves you full. How to cook onion soup:

  • you need onions (6 pieces medium size), celery (1 bunch of greens), cabbage (1 small head), tomatoes, ripe (2 pieces), red pepper (2 pieces);
  • need to cut all onion components of the soup small cubes (or shredded – is a matter of taste), add to the saucepan and cover with water;
  • cook after boiling for 10 minutes;
  • salt, pepper, and other spices can be added.

Eat this soup throughout the week in unlimited quantities. "Nice bonus" you can diversify the menu of savory green apples (up to 2 pieces a day), cucumber (any number), plums (about 0.5 kg).

Diet menu and tips

This is a soft diet menu, which is made so that the hunger is not. It is this method of weight loss does not happen "food disorders". Week diet:

Day 1. Morning: cottage cheese low-fat content is not more than 100 g, the Apple, and rather weak green tea.

Lunch: boiled chicken and cabbage salad – all in one amount of 400 g, but the vegetables should be more.

Dinner: 0, 5 liters of nonfat kefir;

Day 2. Morning: 2 eggs scrambled eggs + 2 tomatoes (can be eaten fresh, can be put in scrambled eggs).

Lunch: fish low-fat varieties, water (300 grams) + 1 Apple.

Dinner: salad (tomato + cucumber) with the addition of vegetable oil and herbs.

3. day Morning: low-fat natural yogurt (unsweetened and unflavoured) + pear.

Lunch: white meat boiled chicken (200 g) + citrus (orange or grapefruit, Mandarin, pomelo.

Dinner: salad shredded crab sticks and cucumber at least 200 grams (fill with vegetable oil);

4. day Morning: porridge without milk + Apple.

Lunch: 300 grams of lean boiled tuna + 1 grapefruit.

Dinner: boiled shrimp or crawfish (peeled in the form of 200 g) + unsweetened green tea.

Day 5. Morning: fruit salad, dressed with natural yogurt (except bananas) in the amount of 300 grams.

Lunch: soup vegetables + 1 green Apple.

Dinner: cottage cheese with low fat content and citrus fruits.

Day 6. Morning: 1 orange + 2 hard boiled eggs (or 4 whole quail).

Lunch: a Cup of yogurt and cottage cheese, baked in the oven.

Dinner: chicken, baked in the oven (200 grams), salad

Day 7. repeat the first point (day) from the list.

During the diet is to give up all condiments and spices, potatoes, pastries and sweets.

Light yogurt

Observe, it's very simple: every day should be consumed a half liter of low-fat yogurt, but not all at once, and share it on parts. Of course, there are other products, but very limited:

  • 5 pieces potatoes, cooked "in uniform";
  • duck breast (200 g);
  • boiled beef in the amount of 300 grams;
  • boiled lean fish (whiting or Pollock, carp);
  • you can eat without restrictions on fresh fruits or vegetables;
  • only kefir;
  • 1 liter of carbonated mineral water.

Simple buckwheat

During the week you need to eat only buckwheat, you can add the menu some other products. This diet is simple, but quite aggressive to the body, so before to catch it you should do the research and make sure there are no diseases, gastro-intestinal tract.


Buckwheat for weight loss cooked, and cooked in steam. 1 Cup of raw take 2 — 3 cups of boiled water, the product capacity of a thermos or a saucepan, wrapped in a towel or blanket.

On the day you need to take exactly a certain amount of raw buckwheat, divide it into equal parts of frequent use.

Products can be added to the menu buckwheat diet are:

  • low-fat yogurt – per day you can drink up to 1 liter;
  • Apple green salt – no more than 3 per day;
  • cucumber and tomato salad, seasoned with vegetable oil a day not more than 300 grams.

All 7 day diet it is necessary to observe a drinking mode and to use at least one and a half liters of clean, still water a day. Some of the listed capacity, you can replace the unsweetened green tea.

The results and tips

All of these diets helps to get rid of 4 to 7 pounds overweight. Some people lose weight faster, and they manage to throw a 10 kg weight in 7 days limited. It all depends on how to completely change the substances in the body.

Weight loss fast method was more effective, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • every morning on an empty stomach (right after waking up), you should drink 200 — 250 ml of warm water, it is possible to add lemon juice or honey;
  • 4 hours before the night's sleep you need to stop eating, but a strong sense of hunger, get to use 1 Apple or Cup of yogurt;
  • the first 2 — 3 days, the condition may change for the worse – there is dizziness, weakness and drowsiness;
  • lose weight faster, help the sport and sauna;
  • out of weekly weight loss should be carefully: the portions of food did not increase, but each day brings a new (maybe not the most useful) course.


Fast weight loss in a week is a clear contra-indications:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gastritis and peptic ulcer/duodenal ulcer Kishi;
  • chronic intestinal colic;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • any disease, mental and neurological, including epilepsy;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • viral diseases of the liver;
  • fever of any origin.

Cons of diets for quick weight loss in a week

Despite the impressive results and a variety of options to keep slimming has some disadvantages:

  • weight loss is due to the conclusion of toxins and excess fluid;
  • fat tissue burns, but in small quantities – it lasts only 500 grams, although this is the optimal rhythm weight according to nutritionists;
  • you need patience – fast weight loss is always the most difficult;
  • the background of the considered power supply problems may arise in bowel movements – either constipation or diarrhea;
  • keep weight after weight loss is really difficult.
menu for weight loss

Fast weight loss in a week is a reality. You need to choose the appropriate diet plan and strictly follow the advice of nutritionists. If in the future to comply with the rules of rational nutrition, the result can only be kept for a long time.