Not a slimming belt to remove belly fat

The extra weight in the abdomen and sides — a problem for young girls and adult women. Buy a thin waist and relief of the stomach the right way of life: to organize a proper diet, do exercise at home or gym.

slimming belt

Achieve weight loss with the help of special belts. Today more and more women and men, the pursuit of athletic body trying to speed up the process. As an alternative, practicing nutritionists and fitness trainer I advise you to use the belt in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise.

Recommendations for wearing the belt

People who are overweight and different obesity is difficult to perform a long workout, so for them, nutritionists have developed a special diet and recommended the use of a belt. Many women and men suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, physical activity is contraindicated. To keep the muscles toned and get rid of as a result fat, you should try wearing one or more types of belts.

However, there is a group of people who want to be sports tight stomach, but not enough time to visit the gym and perform strenuous exercise — workaholics and young mothers. If you have enough time and energy to daily workouts, I urge you to weigh the benefits of wearing belts and the correct method of rapid weight loss.

The efficiency of wearing a belt

Watching the ad belt for weight loss and because the customer reviews, it seems that you can lose weight on the couch, no doubt, but to buy a belt. Regular wearing girdles for weight loss manufacturers promise:

  • Improves blood circulation/improve blood circulation;
  • The muscles become stronger;
  • Remove the muscle tension and help you after your workout;
  • Calculate the composition of fat;
  • Tightening of the skin;
  • To increase efficiency during exercise.

Principle of operation

All types of corrective belts usually possible to distinguish the principle of their action — the formation of a dense shell and heating problem areas. The main purpose of belts — not let to cool the natural temperature of the body only in some parts. During training, the body itself secretes a fluid for cooling, which makes it possible to maintain the optimal temperature. All the different zones, which seek to strengthen the sweating and subsequent fluid loss. Consider in more detail the principle of operation of basic types of areas.

Depending on the mechanism, there are 3 main principles:

  1. The thermal action of problem areas increases the metabolism, accelerate the excretion of toxins.
  2. The effect of vibration of the belt has a massage effect.
  3. Pulse action reduces the abdominal muscles.
  4. To understand what belt belly slimming and removing fat is necessary for you, we offer you to read more about each type.

Thermo belt

Advertising placed on the Internet and the reviews promise that the slimming belt with sauna effect (thermal zone) allows in a short time become the owner of a flat and toned stomach. How do they work? When wearing the belt, in the region of half to create the effect of "hot bath", which focuses on one area of the body. The result is sweating, subcutaneous fat is slowly burned.

Thermo belt is a device that helps to only a certain class of people, which is a weight of 10-15 kg. In these cases, a flexible belt with sauna effect can help the main reason for the appearance of subcutaneous fat and fluid accumulation in the tissues and the appearance of swelling. Keep in mind that to buy the belt, stomach slimming, you can effectively deal with excess weight in other parts of the body: neck, thighs or buttocks.

Budget option

Easily thermo slimming belt abdomen consists of neoprene and lycra. The cost of such corrective belt minimum the owners of superfluous kgs, but the effect is also unlikely. The outer side of the belt is made of lycra, and the inside — the product inside is filled with neoprene. Fat-burning is not likely to succeed, when wearing such a belt (given the reviews about it, wearing a few months away), if you want to achieve tightening of the abdomen, then wear the belt and exercise. An integrated approach to the warming zone to help combined with exercise will increase sweating and help to eliminate the extra pounds.

Massage belt

slimming belt

A variety of weight-loss drugs are massage belt. Their work is focused on to send the electric pulse in particular areas. The area has massage balls, which speeds up the burning of fat. In addition, the belt material is elastic and has a thermal effect, because it passes through electrical impulses.

During vibration, relax the muscles, remove fatigue, as a result of wearing a belt on tissues derived from lactic acid, metabolic processes are accelerated. Vibro slimming belt abdomen — an alternative to conventional massage to maintain muscle tone. Customer reviews show that in most cases acquire a product to relax and remove tension in the muscles, not burn fat.

After reviewing the feedback using the massage belt, it can be concluded that its acquisition is only suitable for an integrated approach to weight loss.

Electronic belt

More effective, compared with the simple thermal area is electronic belt. Stimulator or electric-belt — flexible product, which is the physical therapy effect at home. Its outer edge is made of lycra, inner thermo substances, and in the middle is a special device, powered by electricity design causes contraction of the muscles, under the influence of electric current. The purpose of stimulator — eliminate tension in the muscles after a workout, bring them to the tone and makes the skin more elastic. Most manufacturers specify limiting instructions on the use of no more than 10 minutes in the second region.

Customer reviews of electric belts give a reason to reflect, because after wearing it improves external condition of the investigated skin areas. However, the extra weight in problem areas, does not disappear, leaving the folds of fat at the same time.

How to choose slimming belt

If you decide to buy a slimming belt, it is recommended to adhere to the basic selection criteria: intended use and price. We will understand more details on this issue.

The purpose of the purchase

For those who are struggling with excess weight belly — it is best to buy an electric belt or the thermal properties. The use of these types of belts during exercise speed up weight loss. Customer reviews unanimously claim that the wearing of thermal and electric belts without proper nutrition and exercise in vain.

In the presence of the fat folds more than 3 cm in the reviews and ads claim that you should buy massage belt. To use it is after your workout for quick muscle recovery and relieve fatigue. In addition, relaxation activities, massage equipment to help increase the effectiveness of your workout by 10%.


Today, slimming belt are available in different price categories. Cheap elastic waist is $ 10 quality massage or electricity cost ten times more.

Regardless of the amount of money, always choose a well-known manufacturer, check the documents and check the warranty obligations of the belt.

Rules for the use

Wearing a weight belt would be to get the results and does not harm the body follow these recommendations.

The electricity and heat areas

Product always wear cotton clothes without any extra tightening. Remember to wear elastic waistband is during the training, all the time the exposure apparatus and the density should not exceed 6 hours. Then a shower and put certain areas of the moisturizer for body. Regularly wash the strap by hand in warm water not exceeding 40 degrees.

Massage belts

Safe to carry massage belt, you should know that wearing the device is not more than 30 minutes. Do not use the appliance on wet body, preferably below the bottom of the dress in cotton t-shirt. The appearance of discomfort — to stop the massage.

The negative side belts

Reviews wearing all kinds of belts suggests the following shortcomings in the areas of:

  • When wearing a belt, the body temperature rises considerably and leads to the reduced total number of exercises, the workout becomes less effective.
  • Tight belt leads to a reduction of blood flow to a certain area and break down layers of fat is much slower.



Manufacturers of belts recognized that the wearing equipment for weight loss can lead to irreversible consequences for health. Therefore, they show limitations in use easy way to lose weight. It is strictly prohibited to use belts:

  1. Women during pregnancy and lactation;
  2. During the diseases: epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, the kidneys;
  3. When the rehabilitation period;
  4. People with bone, metal implants;
  5. Wearing a belt you different — a purely personal matter, which requires a doctor.