Diet for weight loss women week

Diet for a week best way to get impressive results for women in the short term. Based on weekly diet is usually one particular product. Because of the small time mono-diet easy to cope mentally and to lose this diet can be 7 kg.

The effectiveness juice diet of the women for a week

diet for weight loss

Short-term diet success depends on how well composed your daily diet and observed it carefully.

It is not necessary to lay high hopes of exercise or other regular daily routine, because in such a short time is not enough to see the result of such innovation. But proper nutrition has a significant impact due to the following factors:

  1. Eat regularly one product in the diet, a person begins to perceive it as a cure for being overweight. This simplifies the weight loss from a psychological perspective and gives a positive attitude. The probability of failure in such a situation is reduced.
  2. The amount of the intake of calories is reduced considerably, which can be detected quickly jump the weight down.
  3. To lose weight more influence chemical processes in the body. Diet causes dramatic changes and accelerate the metabolism. Thanks to this dropped pounds will not return for a long time, even despite the fact that they go fast.

Consult with a specialist regarding necessary companies even diet. The doctor will assess your condition and make a balanced nutrition plan.

Such a diet is sure to benefit and not cause harm. It is especially important to visit a nutritionist which weight is more than 30kg.

Range juice diet

The basic principle of juice diet 7 day exclusion from the diet of any food except the juice. For this reason, it is necessary to give up the packaged juices, which contain added sugar, preservatives, flavourings and other chemical additives, and are often rich in energy.

Fresh juice not only helps to lose weight quickly, but also cleans the organism of slags, toxins and improve the metabolism.

Nutritionists recommend eating about 300g in one meal with juice every day. During the day there are 3-4 such snacks. Between taking the juice, don't forget to drink plenty of water. The minimum liquid volume is 1.5 L.

The water is aerated and cleaned, to prevent contamination of the body. Drinking diet always suggest frequent visits to the toilet. This is a normal process. In this way are removed from the body of all toxic substances.

In the menu you can include both fruit and vegetable juices. Most effective fast weight loss seven days of the juice of grapefruit, orange, grapes, celery and cucumbers. Is not forbidden to use vegetable broth made from cabbage, peppers, tomatoes.

The juice of fruits and vegetables have nutritional value, as well as all the other products, so afraid of drinking diet is not necessary. In addition to fresh drinks – a storehouse of natural vitamins and minerals.

Apple juice is to saturate the body with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and C. Apricots are rich in phosphorus and vitamin K. beets contain iron and calcium.

Preparation of fresh juices

Make fresh juice at home you need a household juicer. Tools juice affect product superheated steam is not suitable, because the high temperature destroys all the nutrients, so it is necessary to weakened diet the body.

The pulp falling into the drink of the digestive tract, so it is best to drink the entire contents of the glass. But if you don't want to drink the juice from the pulp, you can let it stand for several minutes, then it will settle to the bottom of the glass.

Fresh squeezed juice drink for half an hour, to avoid decomposition of the vitamin and minerals in the presence of oxygen and sunlight.

If you are going to preserve biologically active substances for a long time, remember to put fresh in the refrigerator immediately after cooking. So it does not lose its properties after 8 hours.

Food diet need not be bland and monotonous. To expand the range of drinks, a mix of different type of juices with each other. So weekly diet is not only useful, but also delicious.

A balanced diet

So a week of food rations shall take into account the season, because it determines the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables to make juices. In the winter you need to focus on the beets, oranges, Kale, apples and carrots. Available in spring radish, fresh herbs and cucumbers.

proper nutrition for weight loss

In the summer you can enjoy a variety of berries: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, currants, cherries, cherries and others. In the fall be sure to eat the juice out of the pumpkin. Exotic imported fruits and vegetables presented on the shelves all year round.

To help you decide when to draw up individual diet sample diet that you can use as a basis for change discretion:

  1. Monday. Breakfast – Apple and orange juice. Lunch – herb tea. Dinner – juice of 2 lemons, diluted with water.
  2. Tuesday. Breakfast – orange juice. Lunch – carrot, nettle, and lemon juice. Dinner – Apple, carrot and lemon juice.
  3. Environment. Breakfast – tangerine and the juice of radish. Lunch – lemon juice. Dinner – pear, and grape juice.
  4. Thursday. Breakfast – raspberry and red currant. Lunch – apricot and grapefruit juice. Dinner – peach, Apple and lemon juice.
  5. Friday. Breakfast – Apple and orange juice. Lunch – carrot, Apple and lemon juice. Dinner – plum juice.
  6. Saturday. Breakfast – Apple and grapefruit juice. Lunch – carrot, orange and the juice of radish. Dinner – an Apple and cucumber juice with dill.
  7. Sunday. Breakfast – pear and carrot juice. Lunch – beetroot and the juice of radish. Dinner – grape juice.

The body needs to prepare for the juice fast advance. A few days before you can use products that contain alcohol and coffee, and greasy and heavy food.

When the diet return to normal diet must also be gradual. First, the need to eat porridge and vegetable soups gradually adding low-fat meat.

The disadvantages of juice diets for a week

The juice diet, in some cases, can lead to a deterioration in the health slimming person. Juices contain plenty of sugar, which creates a sense of cheerfulness and energy, but it quickly gives way to fatigue, weakness, lack of energy and hunger.

Acidic juices leading to exacerbations of gastritis, colitis, and gastric ulcer. People suffering from diseases of the digestive system, diet juice you are strictly contraindicated.

Extra fiber cause problems with a chair and high cholesterol. Insulin suffers a sharp change, because of what this diet is extremely harmful for diabetics. Fruit and vegetable acids affect tooth enamel, destroying it. This can cause tooth decay and other oral diseases.

To avoid the negative effects of a juice diet, do not ignore the advice of the expert. A nutritionist comes to choosing the optimal diet. The table is ready the juice at different times of the year, which he produced, is not allowed to be in the wrong conditions and the amount of food intake.Important deadlines to diet.