How to lose weight for free

People have long thought, how to lose weight free has invented many effective methods, which are based on the basic principles of weight loss. Today you will learn how to make a program, which is based on calculations of energy intake and energy needed for different functions. Would be a nice bonus that, unlike buy fitness equipment, fat burners, etc. based on the upcoming program does not require any financial costs.

We count calories

how to lose weight

As the basic rule of losing weight: "you Have to burn more calories than the body". If we forget this fact, so nothing can go with the whole program of weight loss. To remove one pound of fat (about 450 g), you must burn 3500 calories more than you have used during your daily activities. Of course, they will not get rid of a single day, to avoid harm to health, but gradually.

Cons free weight loss

Below is a step-by-step instructions for all the calculations:

  1. You must calculate your base metabolic rate. We talk about the minimum amount of calories required for digestion, breathing, etc. that is, the vital systems of the body. Calculations using this calculator. However, keep in mind that it can not be considered 100% accurate.
  2. During the week, trying to keep track of each activity that you did. Activity, both physical and spiritual, playing sports, walking, all the work – all I need to write. So you can get an idea of calories burned on a daily basis. It remains only to calculate the average amount, if you add the results of each day and divide by 7. The article "Calories and activity" can be used in the calculations.
  3. Need to watch how many calories you have got together with food. The whole week have to carefully monitor their diet and burn without exception. As in the previous paragraph, to calculate the results for each day and then determine the average result. The calorie content of different products, you can learn a special table.
  4. It now remains to strengthen the basic metabolic rate with the number of calories is calculated in the second paragraph. Now the value of reducing the average number of calories consumed (p. 3). If one eats more than required for activity and basic metabolic processes, you have all chances to continue to gain weight.

For example, how to lose weight for free — calculate the calorie consumption of the day

Give me calculated that his basal metabolic rate is equal to 1400 calories. Thus he manages to burn 900 calories with regular exercise during walks and lessons at home. To maintain your current weight, she needs to get 2300 calories. But, as shown in the log of calories, with food, Given daily 2550 calories. If it goes further, then every 3 weeks he gets the weight of half a kilo. And the blame for the extra 250 calories.

This example shows how easy it is to get extra pounds, not even knowing about it. However, it is just so easy to lose weight, although the process is long. You can start with small changes in diet and immediately began to burn more calories than is obtained from food. Need to find a way to burn off an extra 200-500 calories a day. For example, it is necessary to replace high-calorie foods too much more useful and easy. And at the same time, giving more time to the sport. The idea is not bad.

How much time is necessary to enable sport

When losing weight, exercise is important part. Experts recommend to exercise 200 minutes a week, no less, and it is 40 minutes a day 5 days a week.