Fitness for quick weight loss

Fitness is the whole complex of specially developed exercises and the rules of supply, which is aimed at improving the appearance, namely the chapter. Fitness reward energy, good health, beauty and excellent physical shape. With their help, you can effectively reduce weight, improve muscle, make a beautiful picture, but also to strengthen health. A huge popular group classes, and fitness excursions.

To date, developed a variety of programs, education, whose purpose is to deal with a variety of tasks. They solve the problems, weight loss, giving the figure some of the changes, increases muscle mass, and also strengthen the same muscles and joints.

fitness slimming

It should be noted that fitness weight loss traditionally brings together completely different load – among them are exercises for strength and stretching, aerobic and heart. When drafting a complex of special exercises in the fitness event so that all muscle groups were involved in completely.

Why is it important that the fitness program

Many ask the logical question: how with the help of fitness, you can achieve rapid weight loss and improved muscle tone? Do this: eat right, perform cardio to burn fat cells and exercises the power to form a strong and ridged muscles.

All of the above you need to include the development of training programs for fitness, so they usually contain several components. First, such a program is the heart. They represent a bicycle (as an option – on a stationary bike), Jogging, jumping, swimming in the pool or dance elements. As a warm-up this part of the program lasts about 15-20 minutes. You can then proceed directly to the special exercises. The best option is to use the every day individual muscle groups.

Here is an example:

  • Monday – exercise for stomach and sides and back;
  • Wednesday – glutes, hips and legs;
  • Friday – back, shoulders and arms.

Thus, it is very effectively worked all the right muscles, and have enough time to recover next week.

Today, the Internet is filled with thousands of videos of individual exercises and their complexes. Download these lessons to your computer totally free. So you can do in your own home without visiting the gym.

To improve the shape using the fitness event, of course, not one day. The first obvious result of your efforts will appear in about a month. You're partly to get rid of fat – the figure is tightened and becomes slim. But body weight is still not reduced when all the weight "melted" fat change weight increased muscle volume. But after a couple of months we can expect to get rid of the 5-6 extra pounds.

The basic rules

If you have decided to fight overweight and improve their appearance should first ask how the condition. There are a few rules, which depends on the result.

  1. The regularity of exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, laziness has become the enemy. Only if you do the exercises regularly, you can get the desired result. If you want a separate home occupation, it is recommended to participate in music – so it is more fun and energetic.
  2. The complexity of the. It is impossible to focus on any one muscle group (although this is the most problematic area) or do only the heart load. It is very important to work the whole body complex.
  3. Healthy eating. It consists of avoid sweets (large amounts of) fatty, harmful food and semi-finished products, limiting yourself to alcoholic drinks and total abstinence from such harmful habits like Smoking. The diet is necessary to make rational and balanced. Enrich it with fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, dairy products, fish and meat. Overeating is strictly prohibited.
  4. Fitness has become a way of life. You can't treat fitness like a 2 month diet. If you have made a choice in his favor, this way you can become a supporter of an active and healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise and well-being, they will give you.

The benefits of fitness for health and slimming

eating for weight loss

The fact that the condition is very useful figures to know, probably all. So let us dwell on that, it is no less important to better health. As a rule, people do not think about it until you get a obvious demonstration of its necessity. For example, a sedentary lifestyle inevitably provokes back pain or recurring headaches.

If you want to maintain your health, you need to watch out for the signals your body gives and take preventive measures. The sooner you start to do it, the better it is for your body. But the condition in this case is the best companion because:

  • Training the back muscles to provide good support for the spine, and it means that you can forget the pain and in addition to the correct position.
  • Physical exercise improves the blood circulation, so that the body gets more oxygen. And this, in turn, favorably affects each the body and improve overall health.
  • Specially designed exercises provide joint mobility and makes the blood circulate more actively. The result is pain in the legs and tingling of the lower extremities.

And, of course, the most important thing – you must always listen to your own body, and, of course, the advice of an experienced fitness coaches and doctors.

Who should not use the fitness

Final contraindications, such as exercise, unfortunately, are present. Glad that they are not very much. So, the condition is prohibited from engaging in:

  • the border of mental illness, mental disorders and epilepsy;
  • damage to the heart muscle organic in nature, a recent heart attack;
  • Oncology;
  • complex spinal injuries;
  • traumatic brain injuries, which were recently postponed.

In these cases, the doctor can only allow physical therapy sessions and then separately. Temporarily unable to deal with the aggravation of any chronic disease, SARS and even, strange as it may sound, without sleep.

In addition, there is a list of diseases for which the condition is not completely prohibited. Changes to the exercise we do:

  • Varicose veins. No squats, lunges, jumps. Static electricity is not included in the price. The pace of executions of the exercise should be moderate. Do them lying or sitting.
  • Diseases of the joints. To prevent hopping, power and static loads with more weight.
  • Hypertension. It is better to prefer a slow-paced yoga and Pilates.
  • The period of pregnancy. Must attend certain sessions during the "Fitness for moms". Only with the permission of your gynecologist 12-th 38 th week.


For those who want to get in shape, a fitness center, you need to have perseverance, diligence and patience. Because the result does not appear in a few days. But, as they say, all you have to do is up to you. Dropped the weight back will not return, and the muscles for a long time will delight you with its tone.


Many experienced people who have had the time to try a difficult battle with excess weight and various diets, I finally chose fitness. And for good reason. It is one of the most effective ways. Reviews about the most positive and said that if the charging is done correctly, then those extra pounds disappear without a trace, and in return you can get a beautiful and slim body.