Fasting days for weight loss: the power management settings and good frame

A wonderful way to cleanse the body, lose weight, improve your health, have to spend the fasting day. To lose weight, do not need to adhere to long-term diet, with severe restrictions. To achieve sustainable results a lot easier with the regular discharge of the body, which can be done on your favorite products. Each slimming selects the variant of caloric restriction, in accordance with food addictions. Eat with pleasure and to lose weight is the dream of any person.

What is the fasting days for weight loss

fasting days

Wrong diet to kill the body, causing a variety of diseases of the internal organs. If from time to time to restrict calorie intake, it will not only remove extra pounds, but also cleanses the intestines of toxins, speed up metabolism and raise immunity. During the fasting days the body works in a moderate mode, as is the use of light, low-calorie food that requires more energy to digest.

This diet aktiviziruyutsya process of self-purification, in which the body throw away the unnecessary waste that have accumulated in a long period of time. Feel the lightness throughout the body, nutritionists suggest to perform the correct fasting day for weight loss 1-2 times a week. It is recommended to visit the bath or sauna to improve excretory functions.

What is needed

Body cleansing by restricting calorie intake not only improves effectiveness of any diet, but it also helps to improve the activity of the systems and organs of the human body. All kinds of fasting days for weight loss help to overcome the difficult period in the process of weight loss, after the weight of the body stop at the same place, refusing to move downward. In addition, the demolition stimulates:

  • Excretory system. Is cleansing the body of toxins through the excretion of excess fluid and bowel movement.
  • Emotional state. The feeling of lightness throughout the body, the person gets a burst of energy, increases courage, improves mood.
  • Normalization of metabolism. Limited intake of calories forces the body to consume its own fat reserves.
  • The restoration of the mineral and acid-base metabolism. Excessive acidification or alkali nisation of the body the threat of disease and collection of excess fat.
  • Normalization of digestion. Day a light meal, the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas rest, which gives them the opportunity to improve their work further.
  • Get rid of vascular calcification. Regular discharge you can get rid of joint pain.

What can I eat on fast days

Nutritionists advise to completely eliminate the use of products during unloading. In an extreme case, you can spend one day on the water, but no more than 1 time per month. The most effective fasting days for weight loss based on the principles of separation of power. Its essence is to divide all products into two groups: plant (starch) and animal (protein) origin. Necessary to use them separately from each other, as this will help facilitate digestion. Food enters the stomach in this way, easily and quickly processed and the body can not afford in the future.

Low-calorie days, you can combine foods similar to the composition of, for example, Apple-kefir, rice, cottage cheese. It is permissible to combine fish and meat, dairy products and fruits, vegetables and berries. A good option – alternate option for you, choosing a one day, vegetables, other cereals and dairy products. If you are fasting two days in a row, is the first meat, then vegetable or fruit. In the process of losing weight effectively, it is impossible to forget about increase physical activity. Because demolition is the calorie restriction, you need to give up:

  • fatty foods;
  • marinades;
  • smoked;
  • canned;
  • sugar;
  • alcohol;
  • sweet or unsweetened soft drinks.

How do fasting day

Arrange unloading of the body is very simple – just need patience and desire. In advance to choose the products to stock up their number. As a rule, the purgation select one day a week. To lose weight, you can perform the demolition for a week, daily changing choices of combination products. Selected daily dose is divided into several doses (5-6), and adopted, at evenly spaced intervals.

During the fasting days need to drink more fluids (1.5-2 liters) to speed up the metabolism. It is important to know that the enemies of a slim figure is lack of sleep which disrupts the production of melatonin, which aktiviziruyutsya during sleep. Then the body compensates for the lack of a strong appetite. To lose weight, you need sleep and avoid stress. It is not necessary to eat a low-calorie days. Ideal before handling day – light menu of vegetables, cereals and/or dairy products (oatmeal, water, vegetable soup, soup, porridge, etc.).

What amount of food will receive one day of discharge, it is necessary to choose your own. It depends on body mass, goals, eating habits, and energy you must spend in the selected period. In any case, should not eat more than 600 grams of protein (dairy products, eggs, fish, meat) and over 2 kg of vegetable food (vegetables, fruits, berries).

The options of fasting days

eating for weight loss

Nutritionists say that the best fasting days for weight loss is component or two-component settings. Disassembly is not recommended to do often, because it disrupts the balance of power. Options combined are more preferred, because they give the body more of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nutritionists share diet diet depending on the predominance of certain nutrients:

  • carbohydrates (vegetables, juices, cereals, fruit);
  • fat (ice cream, sour cream, cream);
  • protein:
  1. meat (quail, chicken, Turkey);
  2. fish (low-fat river);
  3. dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt);
  4. vegetable protein (beans and other legumes).

Some nutritionists believe that the most effective fasting day – "liquid", when during the day using only fresh juices, herbal teas, fruit drinks. For example, it may be, juice a mixture of greens: lime, Apple, cucumber and parsley. Completely clean the intestines of toxins water melon juice, tomato cocktail, celery or vegetable smoothie with a high fiber content of tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, Basil and spices.


The product, which remains after the production of high-grade flour (bran), is a rich chemical composition. It contains vitamins E, C, PP, dietary fiber, micro and macro. The main weight loss substance is fibrous and other coarse fibers. Processing menu bran help:

  • to normalize bowel function;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • improve brain function;
  • reduce blood sugar level;
  • to prevent the emergence of feelings of hunger;
  • increase the protective properties of the organism.

Discharge can be wheat, rye, oats, flax seed bran. Regardless of variety, should be 2 tbsp 3 times/day with a large glass of still water. Bra can be combined with fruits, vegetables, yogurt. Reviews losing weight, this dismantling will help to get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Not recommended for long-term use of bran, especially for people with gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system. Misuse of this product may cause an exacerbation of the disease and excrete nutrients.


Among the beautiful half of humanity popular fasting day chocolate. Delicacy is a good antioxidant properties, improves heart function, charge with positive energy. This product is a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, but you should remember the topics. The chocolate weight loss it is forbidden to use with diabetes, diseases of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas. It should be remembered that demolition is the only suitable dark chocolate, and about dependence on the dairy need to forget.

A day you can eat only 100 grams of Goodies, which contains 56% cocoa or more. In order to avoid the development of side effects is not recommended chocolate diet more than 1 time a week. During the day you get to drink real coffee, but without sugar. The drink can be diluted with milk, whose fat content is not more than 1.5. The chocolate should be divided into 3 meals. The last dose should not eat later 18 hours. In an average day, when chocolate diet you can get rid of 1.5 pounds.


Most people prefer the fasting days to keep a solid low-fat cheese, it's hearty, tasty and healthy product. Nutritionists have shown that the inclusion of diet dose of cheese to help fight cancer. When losing weight you need to regularly unravel with this product, not only to lose a few extra pounds, but also permanently fix the desired result.

The cheese itself is a diet, because it is a lot of protein and almost no carbohydrates. Although this product and is known for its high fat content, but because of lack of carbohydrates, they do not contribute to the accumulation of fat. Cheese is a source of lysine, which is not produced by the body independently, and many other useful minerals: methionine, tryptophan, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins A, b, D

Very low-calorie is considered the tofu, which is often used in dietary programs for weight loss. During unloading it is possible to use other: cheese, Suluguni, Adyghe, cheese. The core of the fasting day is the use of 300 g of the product, which is divided into 5 receptions equal intervals. It is possible to combine cheese and vegetables, fresh juices. It should be remembered that cheese diet has its contraindications:

  • the acute or chronic form of pyelonephritis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • kidney stones;
  • a serious disease of the liver and kidneys.


The benefits of fresh juice even heard of lazy. Regular usage of this juice improves the complexion, improves the functioning of digestive system, out of the extra weight. The juice diet is practiced in the treatment of obesity, because the body quickly cleansed of toxins and impurities. The most gentle option for losing weight is juice the demolition, which should be carried out 1-2 times every 7-10 days. Start cleaning better one day the body has not experienced severe stress.

Perform a fasting day fresh juices should be prepared in advance. A week before the cleanse, you need to start to eat properly, not ketchup, smoked meat and bagels and homemade broth, vegetable salad, boiled chicken, whole grain bread. Options for the juice discharge can be different. For example, instead of a meal to drink 2 glasses of juice or during the day at different times to drink it in the amount of 2 liters, diluted with water 1:1.

juices for weight loss

Fasting days fit, fruit and vegetable juices. The first is too high in calories, so it is better to alternate or mix different combinations. Perfectly combine all the vegetables and fruits:

  • celery;
  • Apple;
  • pumpkin;
  • grapefruit;
  • orange;
  • carrots;
  • beets;
  • cucumber.

Before you decide to do full days exclusively to fresh juices, you need to know about it only. These are diseases of the intestines and stomach (hyperacidity, ulcers, gastritis), disorder of the urinary system, disease of the kidneys. In other cases, juice mono-diet provides great benefits to the body:

  • saturated short time a large number of useful trace elements and vitamins;
  • improve the cardiovascular system;
  • helps to lose weight is 1-2 pounds;
  • is the prevention of colds.


Buckwheat seeds have unique properties. They contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber, so regular consumption of buckwheat has a positive effect on skin, hair, nails. With polyunsaturated fats to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood, and the presence of easily digestible protein provides sustainable weight loss.

Arrange the digestive system to rest buckwheat, it is possible one day to lose 1-1. 5 kg, but on one condition, if you cook grits in water, and eaten without salt and oil. There are several ways to cook dietary product

  1. Steamed 250 g of buckwheat 2 cups of boiling water in the evening. Share this number 5 servings and eat throughout the day at evenly spaced intervals.
  2. Boil 200 g of buckwheat, until cooked without salt and spices. You can use, diluting low-fat yogurt or kefir.

If demolition is one of the buckwheat is not suitable, you can combine the cereal, apples, prunes, cottage cheese, broth hips and green tea. Total heat value of all these products is low, so the efficiency of the weight loss remains at the same level. Until such disassembly is, if you don't like it no more than twice a week. According to statistics, the diet is less interference, which are common to other mono-diet, because it is tasty and satisfying product.