Rules of weight loss at different ages

Different-aged problem of weight loss has its own characteristics. The amount of drop extra pounds in the 20 years and 50 years are different. The reasons for this are both physiological and psychological factors. Each age has its own metabolism; the activity of genes responsible for manifestation of a chronic disease, General health, diet and much more.

Successfully choose a weight loss program and avoid possible mistakes, the woman should be aware of the potential "pitfalls" that are typical of his age group. Look at each age in the light of problems with weight loss in more detail.

Weight gain and weight loss in children

how to lose weight

Number of overweight children is due to congenital predisposition. In addition, significant traces can impose physiological status of the mother, during the carrying a child, and artificial feeding. We talk about the artificial substitute for breast milk, since this method of feeding the baby is much easier to overfeed.

Is older a child is the extra pounds deposited, because of unhealthy diets consisting of large amounts of sweet, refined, fatty and salty foods, and sweetened carbonated beverages that stimulate the pancreas.

The site yourself with the tasty food, children can not. This control is having parents. Otherwise, the risk of obesity increases significantly, the views of the endocrine problems that the circle closes and exacerbates the health problems and the figure of the child.

How to lose weight for girl 20 — 25 years

The most common cause of overweight in this age it is an unbalanced diet in childhood and adolescence. After exceeding this age limit girl motivation for weight loss. I have model figure, to meet the young man and start a family encourage the young women to change your diet and lifestyle.

This age is good, because the chances of losing weight is very high. Great may be the fact that if you lose weight 20 to 25 years, then in the future you don't need to deal with this problem. This promotes cell metabolism and "hibernate" in the genes responsible for the predisposition to chronic diseases.

To lose weight girl of 20-25 years, it is enough to build a circuit and increase physical activity. This approach, in the first month, you can lose up to 10 kg. In subsequent years, the pace is slightly reduced, and it is 4-5 kg every 30 days.

How to lose weight women 35 — 40 years

35 years in a woman's body to reduce the work of the functional systems that are responsible for the regulation of weight. Also, a slower metabolism, and in some cases, the views of the disorders of the thyroid gland. All this leads to weight gain and stabilization of the current obesity.

Their contribution often makes the psychological factor. As a rule, 40 year women have time to do in the life of many tasks. Gone are the birth and upbringing of a child, a career, a romantic relationship with her husband.

Mental instability and emptiness, that life is the stimulus begins to be offset by good, but not useful for the organism food. Sweet buns, cakes, chocolate brings not only culinary satisfaction, but also extra deposits pages. To get rid of them is a bit more complicated at this age.

But if obesity is not accompanied by other diseases in women 35-40 years, have all chances to successfully lose weight. In this age period the integrated approach requires not only nutrition and sports training, but also special care of amino acids. The latter helps to restore the activity of neurons in the brain and reduce food addiction.

In some exceptional cases, weight loss require hormonal support, thyroid, adrenal and ovaries. But this problem is solved only in the doctor's office. Speed weight loss in women 35-45 years can be 5-8 kg in the first 30 days and 3-4 kg in the second and in the next few months.

How to lose weight for women after 40 years without harm to health

This period can be called the most problematic of the above. Although a thoughtful approach to the package of measures will bring very good results. The main feature of the diet of women after 45 years is a slow weight loss. This process is influenced by several reasons:

  • The process of aging.
  • Functional disorder.
  • A decrease in immunity.
  • The hormonal imbalance.
  • The deficit of biologically active substances.
  • Psychological vulnerability.
  • Genetic predisposition to the disease.

Therefore, the change of power after 50 years must be accompanied by moderate exercise, adequate sleep, vitamin therapy, and if necessary, correction of the hormonal and genetic tests.

Slimming at the age of 45-55 years, it is best to start after the consultation of doctors of different specializations (therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist). Their conclusions and recommendations, helps to choose the right strategy for weight reduction and to avoid complications, such as exacerbation of chronic diseases.