How to lose weight fast for women, ways to reduce weight

The medical term "diet" has a completely different meaning. This concept includes a set of food products that people consume. Part of a balanced diet containing nutrients in the right amounts.

It does not apply to the weekly diet. Therefore, before such a restriction is necessary to understand how to do it without consequences in the future. Some ways to say goodbye to excess weight and keep the weight stable. This requires a holistic approach, which combines the low calorie diet, the sport and seize the day.

how to lose weight

Follow the rules:

  1. Mandatory meal — Breakfast. It can not be ignored, because it gives strength to the body to Wake up.
  2. Remove all harm: sweet, fatty, fried, smoked, flour, etc.
  3. You should eat often, but small portions. It helps to avoid overeating.
  4. Regular exercise not only promotes rapid weight loss, but also keep your body in shape. You don't need to go to the gym, you can make at home. Although the first case to reach the result is a faster and more noticeable.
  5. Don't forget to use the right amount of water. It is taken from calculation of 30 ml on 1 kg of weight. Often initially very difficult to drink that amount, but then it becomes a habit. In addition, it is best to drink 30 to 50 minutes before eating.
  6. At least 8 hours of sleep. This helps the person to completely relax and calm down, gather strength for the coming day.
  7. Last time to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. So, the food does not have time to fully digest and body can not be too much during the holidays.

Healthy weight loss

Lose weight in a week is possible with a different number of pounds. Different people are loss ranges from 1.5-10 kg. But it is worth remembering that this result depends on many factors. For example, original weight: the higher the BMI, the greater the relief.

However, most nutritionists do not advise you to lose weight more than 1.5–2 kg per week, because otherwise the possible lack of many important minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Of course, this is not the result you want to achieve most of the women in such a short time. After all, they want urgently to lose weight. For that they are ready for any difficulties and restrictions. Experts advise in this case to follow some rules:

  1. You need to constantly monitor the glycemic level, in order not to get into crisis. To prevent it can be consumed pharmacy of glucose, which is not a lot of calories, but keep the blood sugar.
  2. The human body should get enough vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, during the diet can be filled with special cocktails and vitamin complexes.
  3. Check the pressure, such as sudden weight loss, it is often get down. It is dangerous, dizziness, nausea, fainting.

Of course, if you don't want to lose data 15-20-30 or more pounds per week, then such a dream can you say goodbye right now, because it is simply unrealistic. The body simply does not partially accumulated in pounds, and it will do its utmost to resist such a dramatic change.

Weekly mono

In today's world there are quite a few different mono-diet. They are designed for short-term use because they have a lot of negative consequences. You can use them rarely, only fasting day or as a way to lose weight in a week.


A Mono-diet of vegetables often find the recommendations of experts. And choose a product that meets the basic composition. Can also to meet the multi-component rations, which is composed of several kinds of vegetables. The starch products most often do not take, because they are nutritious and carry a great weight digestion. The best choice are: courgettes/zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, cabbage, etc. This product is boiled, fried or eaten raw, however, you can add salt and other spices. One day takes about 0.8–1.2 kg of vegetables.


This method to lose weight in 1 week is not less popular than the previous one. Its advantage is the taste better, because the fruits are often sweet. They contain sufficient amounts of fructose, so healthy people should not be afraid of the glycemic index, and those with diabetes to consider a different diet.

Use takes about 800-1000 g products. They can be eaten fresh, baked or used in smoothies, cocktails, etc.


This mono-diet is similar to rice. However, people who choose to have nice to weeks a lot more, because it is simple to prepare and nutritious.

To prepare 100 g of buckwheat to pour boiling water and leave overnight. This morning, the volume is divided into the desired number of servings (what you want). Zapivaniya you can use broth hips, green tea, 1% kefir (about 0.8–1 l).

With the help of buckwheat can not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins, which is beneficial to the health. The only limitation, as in previous cases, it is salt and other spices, which in any case can not be added to foods.

If someone would be easier and more delicious buckwheat can be cooked as usual. However, in this case, it will lose a lot of nutrients.

Protein diet

Many people wonder, is it possible to lose weight in a week without giving up protein products? Such a diet exists. For many, it is more soft and gentle. In addition, it gives amazing results — 5 to 10 kg. For those who can not imagine a diet without meat, eggs, cheese and other similar products is the most suitable option.

On this diet, you need the following products:

  • eggs — 3 pcs;
  • cheese — 150-200 g;
  • lean meat, 80-100 g;
  • lean fish is 100-150 g;
  • seafood (not fish) — 150-200 g

It is recommended to add it to the vegetables (about 200-250 g) and fruits (100-150 g), and you must also drink at least 2 liters of water.

The total assigned weight is distributed day. It is recommended to cook steamed, boil, braise or bake. Also want to avoid using salt.


proper nutrition

As you know, the oatmeal has a lot of nutrients, micro and macro elements, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. So its use not only guarantees the loss of excess weight, but also power. Lose weight this week, 2 to 5 kg. however, this effect is not only the amount of fat in the body, but cholesterol.

Cooking oatmeal zaparivayut boiling water and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Porridge, you can add a variety of fruits in small quantities. The main thing is that the meal hungry, but not often.


This diet is difficult mentally and physically, all are not clear. The diet involves drinking 1.5 liters of kefir with a low percentage of fat. Loose mode allows for the addition of a small amount of boiled chicken fillet, cottage cheese, fried potatoes, citrus fruits. Select one of the products listed.

With this diet you can lose weight in 1 week for 5-10 kg. The average weight loss of 1 kg per day. There are also less strict diet of yogurt, which contains other products. They feel lighter weight loss will go smoothly.

Drinking diet

Drinking diet is that food should be only liquid. Weight loss in this case is great, but to come up with her very carefully. The menu for the week:

  • Monday — 7 glass of kefir;
  • Saturday — 6-7 a glass of milk;
  • Wednesday — 5-7 cups of thick juice (peach, banana, etc.);
  • Thursday — 5-6 glasses of apple juice;
  • Friday — water, in which there are no restrictions.
  • Saturday — 6-7 cups vegetable juice (potatoes, carrots, etc.);
  • Sunday — 4-5 glasses of fruit and vegetable smoothies.

In order to properly present this diet, gradually introduce products, first of all, more soft like mashed potatoes the transition to solid food.

Other recipes for weight loss for women in 7 days

Developed and other options of losing weight. One is the so-called "diet doctors". It also lasts 1 week, in which you can lose 4 to 9 kg.

On the first day drunk 1 bottle (1,5 l) of mineral water, the amount of which should be divided into 5-6 parts.

On the second day consumed in the packaging of skim milk. In the evening before sleep, you can eat 1 green Apple.

On the third day, prepare the salad: cabbage, carrots, greens, vegetable oil. Weight should not exceed 800 g. This amount is divided into equal portions during the day. You can drink pure water or green tea.

The fifth day is a repetition of the diet the other day.

Six days more "dense": for Breakfast eat 1 egg and washed down with half a Cup of tea; at 10 — vegetable broth (200 ml); lunch — 100 g of boiled meat, and canned peas; then the next 3 meals and 1 Apple.

On the seventh day is 100-150 g of cottage cheese and half a Cup of milk. In the evening you can drink tea.

Another new-fangled diet — Mayo clinic. It involves the use of a special soup, which makes weight loss. In addition, as experts say, the more soup you eat, the more weight is lost.

Its use need: 6 heads of onions, 3-4 tomatoes, 1 head of cabbage, 2-3 pieces of green pepper, celery, 2 cubes vegetable broth.

All chopped vegetables added to the pot filled with water. Bring to a boil, the fire decreased and is cooked until soft products. 10-15 minutes before the end add the bouillon cubes.

The first day is used for soup and fruits. On the second day add, main course and vegetables. The third and fourth days are the consumption of soup, vegetables and fruits. On the fifth day, in addition to soup, you can eat 500 g of boiled beef, 2-3 tomatoes. The sixth day, a variety of potatoes and boiled beef. On the seventh day it is recommended to add brown rice (can be in soup), and a variety of vegetables.

It is possible to diet for a child?

Primarily in this case, it asks the question: do I have to? Even if the child is overweight, he needs to lose weight gradually, without particular limitation. Lose weight in a week at home without harm to the health of the teenager only 0.5–1.5 kg. otherwise, you may face various problems, which are difficult to solve later.

The basic rules of weight loss in the immature organism are:

  1. Excluded from the diet foods, mayonnaise, sweets, pastries, fast food and other harm. Replace them with the right foods, such as vegetables and fruits.
  2. Make sure that the menu has to be soup, porridge, meat dishes.
  3. Doses should not be too large disk person does not exceed the amount of two stacked hands.
  4. Exercise is only useful to the young person.
  5. The child has enough rest and sleep. This particularly applies to TV and other gadgets. They should also remove or restrict the use of.

If the child is not just overweight, but obese before losing weight, you need to visit an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist, as this may be related to different disorders.

It will motivate weight loss?

Many wondered, why did you decide to lose weight, moreover, so sharp and dangerous. The most common causes are:

  1. The opinion of the audience. The man is arranged so, that he lives in society, and listen to them. And he wants to hear compliments and praise. The woman in the eyes of the men want to be attractive. And is heard note, that during the holidays added a few pounds drastically decided to go on a diet and become as before.
  2. As your loved one. While many men say that they love women any time. However, there is a famous parable, that women love with their ears, and men — eyes. Although the men admit, that the errors, instead of speaking of amenities — the brutal truth, which hurts and makes the urgent need to go on a diet.
  3. In order to enjoy yourself. A man should love yourself, no matter what. However, when it becomes difficult to walk, impossible to choose clothes, the I hear whispers and taunts behind my back — it hurts and leaves an indelible mark. And even a slender girl can see in a mirror, that fat girl. If there is actual extra pounds is to pay attention to proper nutrition and exercise. By the way, the problem is solved with a psychologist.
  4. To strengthen the health and renewal of youth. Young people are less prone to weight gain and drop the extra pounds easier. Than older people, so it is more difficult to do. However, to achieve the goal, you feel a great lightness and mobility.
  5. Want to start over and change myself. Many have taken themselves, when some turn in your life. Or, on the contrary, to see that life has become boring and routine.
exercise for weight loss

Considering the question, weight loss per week, it should be noted that it is in any case can be useful, if it is more than 2 kg. it is Better to consider other options or think about their relief in advance. For greater effect, I should add exercise, it will speed up and improve the process of weight loss.