Slimming products

Excess weight often becomes a complex problem, which picks up in different ways. Among them are techniques used by some slimming products include them in your daily diet.

Is foods for weight loss

slimming products

The desire to be well fed, but at the same time lose the unwanted and unsightly pounds, moves learned, what foods burn fat and how to make the best of a balanced diet.

Among the different food species, there is a separate group, which is the ability of a gradual removal of the fat.

These include, for example, low-calorie foods, which are easily absorbed, replenishing energy reserves, but not transformirovalsya fat.

Also, nutritionists are groups of products contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, reduces appetite, and break down fats. The task is in their right combination the daily menu.

What food promotes weight loss

A balanced diet includes taking into consideration what food promotes weight loss and you can eat without harm to your health and figure.

  • Protein products

Proteins serve as building material for the diversity of muscle fibers, bones, hair, skin, needed by the body. Their surplus, unlike carbohydrates and fats, not transformirovalsya fat and do not accumulate.

Introduced into the diet protein foods to promote weight loss, because of their digestion, the body consumes a significant amount of calories. When consumed, it is lost fat and at the same time build muscle mass.

In addition, because of the protein, reduces appetite, because it's quite a long time to digest, creates a feeling of satiety. Protein consumed with carbs slows down and its distribution, contributes to the preservation of normal glucose levels. As a result, the brain does not receive signals starvation and does not require additional doses.

Table 1 – List of protein foods

Product name Good body Protein, g/100g
Yogurt, 1%


Easily absorbed, improves digestion and helps cleanse toxins, helps restore the intestinal microflora 3



· beef;

· lean pork;

· chicken,


Helps to cure anemia, helps build muscle, strengthen bones, has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system  







Creates a feeling of satiety, helps to strengthen teeth, nails, hair, bones 18 – 24




Helps strengthen bones, increase immunity 21



Eggs Great saturate, do not cause feelings of hunger, but a week is recommended, no more than 4 pieces 13
Milk Supplies the body with complete protein 1,2 – 3,6
Whey Reduce appetite, strengthen immunity, purify the skin 0,5 — 2




Helps to increase and maintain firmer muscle mass, creating a feeling of satiety  


20 – 21


The list is useful for the body in protein foods, you can select varieties in accordance with their taste preferences.

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  • Slow carbohydrates

Included in the daily menu of such products, which contain slow carbohydrates, which is characterized by a slow splitting. Because of this fact, take a very long time, before they are converted to glucose, during which the person does not require extra food, because the hunger is gone.

The benefits of losing weight people, slow carbohydrates and that less change into fat. Attractive for their ability to maintain normal sugar levels. Planning your daily diet need to be aware of different products and use them, which gives a predictable result.

Table 2 – Slow carbohydrates. Main products

Product group The list and recommendations
Legumes Representatives of this group are soy, beans, lentils are one of the ingredients of the food-the people involved in the sport. Because of the high content of protein formed muscle mass. Can also be applied to beans and peas
Meat, fish These products must be present in the diet. Fish is recommended to use twice a week. The varieties of meat I prefer chicken
Vegetables Almost all vegetables are slow carbs. On the table every day should be zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage and other varieties. Useful herbs – leeks, spinach
Pastry Should not completely give up bread. It is recommended to buy the products, which is used to manufacture flour. For lunch you can prepare pasta, preferably durum
Kashi Cooked Breakfast cereal gives a long feeling of satiety. Because of the slow carbohydrates are present in almost all cereals, except rice – brown, white, and monkey, you can every day to cook a new cereal. The most useful of these is oatmeal, millet, buckwheat, barley slow cooker. It is recommended wheat and oat porridge
Fruit Many varieties of fruits – bananas, apples, grapefruit, avocados perfectly saturated, so it is recommended daily menu. Also rich in slow carbohydrates pears, peaches, apricots, cherries

All products are impregnated without the risk of obesity must be diet not only to lose weight people, but supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Fat burning products

This product group includes food varieties, which are low in calories, promotes weight loss, because accelerates the metabolism, activates digestion, not allowing her to transform into fat. At the same time of cleaning unnecessary harmful deposits, decreased appetite. Because of these properties is provided by the gradual weight loss.

Table 3. The list of such products

Name What are the benefits
Vegetables Fat burning properties are inherent in the largely cabbage – broccoli, cabbage, colored bell peppers. A good body is due to the fact that he spends the digestion of such foods more calories than is contained in the product. Has similar properties, artichoke, beets, cucumber, celery
Olives Eating ten olives per day, you can significantly improve the cleaning process. It is also recommended that the consumption of olive oil in salads and other dishes. The optimal amount is one tablespoon per day
Raspberry This fragrant berry contains enzymes that promote the breakdown of fat. It is useful to eat half a Cup of fresh or frozen raspberries before meals, about half an hour
Raisins A handful of washed with hot water raisins begin digestion. Useful for cleansing combine it with plums and rose hips in the ratio 1:4:2. Missed through a meat grinder, the mixture before use (a couple tablespoons) put a little honey.
Fruit The most active of the fruit is grapefruit. Can before meals two or three times to eat half of the fruit. Can be used for oranges, mandarins and other citrus fruits.

Pineapple, because of its coarse fibers, freeing the bowel from the accumulation of deposits that dulls the feeling of hunger, helps to get rid of unnecessary fat.

Seaweed Because of the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, stimulates the breakdown of fats, and normalizes the activity of the intestine
Spices The most popular spices for weight loss is cinnamon.

Also widely used in diets for weight loss ginger improves metabolism

Bran Quickly and permanently satisfy your hunger, lower cholesterol, promote intestinal activity

Daily inclusion in the menu of available products without exhausting diets gradually make the figure slender and toned.

  • Low-calorie foods

Information about the calorie content of the foods you eat allows you to select from them those that will not add fat.

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Table 4 – most low-calorie foods

Product name Calorific value, kcal/100 g
Tea without sugar – black, green
Seaweed 5
Dill, parsley, other greens 13
Throat 15
Russula 17
Radishes 19
Asparagus 20
Spinach 22
Tomatoes, zucchini 23
Green beans, eggplant 24
White mushrooms 25
Cranberry 26
Peppers, cabbage 27
Pumpkin 28
Mushrooms, cauliflower, turnip, low-fat yogurt 30
Lemon, birch, aspen 31
Broccoli, carrot, blackberry, sea buckthorn 33
Kohlrabi 36
Brew 37
Quince, tangerine 38
Cranberries, blueberries 40
Onions, strawberries 41
Peaches, gooseberries 44
Apples, coffee with sugar 45
Pineapple 48
To clarify apple juice 50
Butter 51
Cherry 52
Figs, peach juice 56
Milk, yogurt, beans 58
Crab 69
Pollock 70
Whiting 72
Fermented baked milk, low-fat cottage cheese 85