How to lose weight in the legs?

Many girls are concerned about, "how to lose weight in the legs", because you can make them more slender to the traditional low-calorie diet is very difficult. Exercise is also are not always effective, especially if they are chosen correctly. It slimming legs reviews most of the women, it has been confirmed, is one of the most difficult tasks. The fact that the shape of the foot, nature can not be changed. There are girls who even a small excess weight, complain disproportionately lush calf or thigh. All we can do is try to lose weight. But in the process of losing weight fat goes first to the upper part of the body: losing weight the face, hands, reduces the volume of the bust, and only the last place it comes belly, thighs and legs. What should I do thinner the legs and the upper part of the image had not lost its appeal? Point is necessary and correctly selected physical activity, as well as a special eating plan.

slimming legs

How do exercises to lose weight in the legs?

Not all physical exercises that involve the legs, leading to weight loss. If you ask a professional trainer how to lose weight in the legs, he is likely to recommend, you can buy a gym membership. The fact that weight training the leg muscles is not so much, forcing them to work actively and burn fat, how much lead to their volume growth. Therefore, even if you manage to drive off the excess fat, he'll be pronounced muscles, and the general silhouette of the little feet will change and become more athletic and attractive shape. Still, most of the girls are interested in how to lose weight legs and make them more graceful and not so acquired a sporty character.

What to do with thinner legs, and welcome to the to facilitate? You need to perform aerobic exercises, accompanied by active burning of subcutaneous fat. For example, walk fast, jog, climb and descend stairs, jump rope or go on the exercise bike. Any of these exercise to help cope with the problem and complete the legs, but the best results can be achieved by combining them and by combining the right nutrition plan.

How to lose weight in the legs most quickly? It is possible during training to create more greenhouse effect. Monotone feet with olive oil, wrap in plastic wrap (not very tight), and a top to wear tight leggings. Active exercise this mode allows to effectively get rid of the subcutaneous fat. There is a simple answer to the question, what do lost a leg: you can buy special pants and slimming pants, usually sold in pharmacies. They are made of special material, which improve blood circulation, improve skin temperature, and even gives a massaging effect. By the way, regular visits to the beauty salon and get treatments anti-cellulite massage will help you to get rid of fat deposits on the hips. And then we'll discuss how to lose weight in your legs diet.

Diet slimming legs reviews and menu

If you want to reduce the volume of the legs and hips, on the basis of a fasting diet should be fruits, vegetables and cereals, it is the carbohydrates. Food with high content of proteins causes the body to increase muscle mass. So, how to eat and what to do to get thinner legs? Limit daily protein intake to the minimum recommended for healthy adults up to 100 grams. The amount of fat you get from food, is minimal – not more than 20 grams per day. Sample menu for one day for those who want to lose weight in the legs will look like this:

  • Breakfast: a Cup of coffee or tea without sugar, bread made of flour, fresh orange or grapefruit;
  • Second Breakfast: a Bowl of oatmeal with fruit and fresh juice;
  • Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken breast, salad of fresh vegetables with a spoon of olive oil, a Cup of tea or coffee without sugar, bread from wheat flour;
  • Dinner: fruit salad.
how to lose weight in the legs

Part of this menu can be replaced with analogues, for example, instead of chicken use low-fat fish or veal. Total calorie such diet ranges from 800 to 1200 kcal, depending on the size of the parts. However, diet is not enough, you must also perform exercises to slim legs.