Weight loss stories from our readers

To lose weight together, using someone else's positive or negative experience, can be a lot easier and more effective than alone, only on the basis of theoretical knowledge. In this section of our site presents real stories of weight loss from users who managed to normalize their weight through diet, pills, special exercises or other techniques.

The real history is the best motivation


Real stories of people who have lost weight is a great addition to the dry list of recipes, rules and tips. After all, even the most detailed instructions can be interpreted in different ways, there is something to lose, something of no importance. And only by reading the detailed description of the process, by learning from the mistakes and their consequences, you can find the right path, which leads to a better outcome.

In addition, these success stories trust, what to get rid of excess weight, although difficult, but very real, although the number of extra pounds is expressed in solid figures. Particularly impressive are the stories, the images before and after weight loss, when you can not only read, but also to see with their own eyes the effectiveness of specific methods, multiplied by their own perseverance.

Personal experience

Almost all want to lose weight face the same problem – very difficult to limit yourself to food, go to training and accept your own appearance, what it is, not to get upset about it, that the excessive fullness, but searching for the right ways to get rid of it. Stories, pictures of ordinary people before and after weight loss to help you gain confidence in yourself, even those who are desperate to return to a normal body type. This is the best support, perfect motivation, irrefutable evidence that normalize the weight can and should be, if you put the right target, and then stubbornly go to achieve it.

We've all heard the numerous cases of "incredible weight loss" different celebrities. To believe that the ordinary person suffering from obesity is difficult, because its properties are very far from them, which are available in the "stars". Most of these people do not even try to make at least some effort yourself and change yourself. But if the result weight loss share the ordinary man in the street, the reality to achieve success will come much closer. Therefore, our site presents true stories of ordinary people who were able to create the shape of your dreams. They not only explain how we managed to do that, but often describe their lives before and after weight loss – what positive changes occur as well as improve their personal relationships.

We need to support each other, share their experiences and results achieved in the case of weight loss. After all, someone's success story can change the lives of many people, photos before and after – become a powerful stimulus to the beginning of the diet, start a sport or a healthy lifestyle.