Cleanse the body and lose weight at the same time

Go in front of a mirror and look closely at her reflection. Tired eyes, pale, flabby skin, dull hair is a sign that it's time to do "spring cleaning" of the body. And if I was developing a second chin, or significantly rounded in the waist and hips – the delay is not worth it.

Accumulated over a long period of time, toxins come from water, air and food harmful substances interfere with the bodies to carry out its mission. Distribution system worse at your job. The body needs our help.

Who needs a cleaning


To deal with the problem of excess weight is to start with the first symptoms of its manifestation. This will help speed up the process without having to visit a doctor. We should not expect that coming to a medical facility, you can get a magic pill and will solve the problem, not really hard. Stay beautiful and healthy, have to work hard. The main tasks that stand before you, these are:

  • psychologically adjust themselves to change in lifestyle;
  • to clean the system of division of the body;
  • independently (or with the help of a nutritionist) to develop individualized balanced diet. This should take into account the reasons for accumulation of extra pounds, overall health and to enlist the support of loved ones.
  • find the right system to use.
  • give up bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, overeating and late meals).

What causes overweight, or in one case, the path of the fridge. Why body cleansing is necessary for everyone, who decided to lose weight. Put in order the intestines, kidneys, liver, and easily at home, if there are no contraindications.

Reasons for accumulation of extra pounds

Experts say that it is not always the cause of obesity – overeating and consumption of high-calorie foods. A lot of reasons. Among them are three groups:


  • abnormal metabolism;
  • genetic predisposition (heredity);
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • some diseases (diabetes, etc.);
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding, menopause;
  • the presence of intestinal parasites, that their bodies and waste products clog the intestines and hinders the process of excretion of feces and stones.


  • lack of confidence, shyness and low self-esteem;
  • frequent change of mood, depression (the brain is trying to change the feelings of taste reflexes);
  • the lack of purpose in life, prospects for the future.
    Reasons determined by an unhealthy lifestyle:
  • often lack of sleep, which is associated with constant fatigue (the body needs food to maintain strength);
  • stress, which increases the concentration of acid in the stomach (the person feels the need to eat something);
  • lack of exercise;
  • habit (of a certain type of food, eating in front of the TV, late meals, bad food);
  • the lack of power mode.

Identify the reasons that apply to you, and only then begin to develop your own system of weight loss and health promotion. By the way, without taking into account the errors, all the weight lost after cleaning the body and the diet comes back with a vengeance.

Cleansing the body for weight loss

how to lose weight

Is psychologically, consulting with your doctor you can start. Remember that the weight did not return, the approach must be comprehensive. Cleanse the body and lose weight for a long time it is possible in that case, if you are confident positive result, choose an effective diet, give up addictions and habits, selects the optimal system physical activity in accordance with the age and General condition of the body.

An important role weight loss plays a drinking system. A healthy person needs every day to drink at least 2 liters of water. This amount of liquid is divided into 4 — 5 receptions. For the first time – as soon as you wake up, rest for 20 minutes before eating.

To strengthen the effect of weight loss procedures recommended to be performed regularly, every six months, and in very advanced cases after 3 months. There are two groups of methods of cleaning: medical and folk.

  1. Medical methods allows you to clean the bowel of fecal deposits, and parasites (colon hydrotherapy, drugs and dietary Supplements) much faster. But, to destroy and eliminate harmful micro-organisms are not spared and useful. This causes great damage to the immune system, liver, kidneys.
  2. Cleaning at home thought, gentle, but it requires time and effort.

In recent years, home methods are becoming increasingly popular.

Cleaning methods in folk medicine

It has long been an excellent cleanser was held and a steam room. It is useful to use the steam room broom (birch, oak or eucalyptus). In addition to the massage, improve blood circulation, recover metabolism, which is important in the fight against excess weight. This and the sauna, although it can dry up the mucous membranes and skin.

Good results are obtained by fasting. At home encourage the 3-day (two times per month) or 7 days (once a month). Prolonged fasting can be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

Start to cleanse the body from the intestines

The most old and effective way – with the help of an enema or a mug Esmarch. The procedure is best done early in the morning from 5 to 7. At this time the body is still relaxed in sleep and not to resist the removal of toxins.

The water temperature should be 33 to 36 degrees. After the introduction of cooked and cooled to the desired temperature of the fluid in the rectum should be on his right side, bending knees, for 15 minutes. With time more. The optimal liquid volume is 1.5 L. in some cases, enough water can be filled in just a month. At the beginning you can put more than half a liter. Don't worry and don't rush things. As soon as the accumulated in the colon toxins is washed away, the water volume increases.

For those who have a work schedule has not allowed you can use at home method is described, suitable for the natural methods of cleansing:

  • fasting days (vegetables or low-fat dairy products, dried fruit);
  • salad "Whisk" (cabbage, beets and carrots in a ratio of 3:1:1). Vegetables take only raw, wash, draw water, chop, add the vegetable oil;
  • daily morning intake 1 dessert spoon of unrefined vegetable oil (preferably olive or flax) on an empty stomach half an hour before meals;
  • a mono-diet (during the day only monotonous vegan diet of raw vegetables and fruits) for 2 days, repeated every 3 days during the month;
  • vegetable diet lasts 3-5 days (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumber) good to cleanse the body, saturating it with vitamins and minerals;
  • Apple diet (2 kg apples sour-sweet varieties as the dose / day). To see improvement, enough for 2 days 2 times a month.
  • diet cereal you can effectively clean the intestines at home, thanks to the dietary fibers contained in grains. Accustomed to regularly include in your diet porridge oats, buckwheat and pearl barley, brown rice, and have to use other methods of cleansing the lose weight, is reduced.

After purgation is desirable to pay attention to, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, joints. This will allow you to restore your metabolism and strengthen the result.

Use any method, alternating clean with enemas, and you will soon notice how the scales crawl to the left. Do not forget about drinking regime. Pure water to drink daily at least 1.5 liters a day.

cleansing the body

Don't forget, that the diet produces a certain violence. Therefore, the presence of chronic diseases, body cleansing at home began only under the supervision of a doctor, in order not to harm yourself. It is strictly prohibited cleaning and food restrictions for pregnant and lactating.