Recipes diet meals for weight loss

Most of those who decide to deal with the problem of being overweight, I don't know how to eat, not to stay hungry, but also to lose weight. In addressing this complex issue will help you diet meals for weight loss about cooking, which will be described next.

The basis of the diet nutrition food

meals for weight loss

As to cover absolutely all diet recipes in one article is impossible, we list the products, which you can prepare low-calorie meals.

Best products for losing weight:

  1. Vegetables, except potatoes.
  2. Fresh fruit, except bananas, avocado and grapes. The fruit can be eaten fresh and is also used for desserts, fruits, yogurt, etc.
  3. Fresh mushrooms.
  4. Grain. We talk about cereal, cooked in water without added oil.
  5. Fish low-fat varieties, including, hake, perch, pike, saffron cod, carp, bream and other.
  6. Lean beef, chicken breast without the skin, Turkey, rabbit – meat products.
  7. Low-fat dairy products like cheese, kefir, natural yogurt. Fully fat free is not worth buying, because they are not useful to the body.
  8. Herbs: parsley, dill, spinach, lettuce, etc. contain a minimum of calories and maximum benefit.
  9. Satisfy your sweet take honey, dried fruits, dates, dark chocolate, candy, marshmallows. These sweets a small amount is allowed, even those who lose weight.
  10. Spices. Well, if when cooking you can use cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cumin, turmeric and thyme.

These foods can be fried or cooked in deep fat. Low calorie meals will only be the case if foods to cook, sauté or steamed. Oils have to use low.

Diet Breakfast

To prepare diet meals for weight loss easy, because it is one of principle: the less manipulation, the better. Remember that really long saturation in the morning to give carbohydrates, so try to give preference to the grain.

  1. Cook any porridge on the water, trying not to soften completely. Can be a little salt and eat it. If this option seems unpleasant, water-gruel tea spoon of honey, add fresh berries are in season, or slightly soaked in water, dried fruit. The best Breakfast for losing weight yet.
  2. Cheese. Spread cream cheese in a bowl, pour the honey, garnish with strawberries, raspberries, raisins, cherries – you can choose from.
  3. The natural yogurt. It is possible to make a useful mix in often the blender mix 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 3 tablespoons of yogurt, half a bunch of greens and dill. Quickly stir and enjoy.
  4. Make a salad of cucumber and tomato, with a small amount of vegetable oil and add the boiled egg.
  5. Baked Apple with cottage cheese. Remove the Apple core, fill it with cheese, place in the oven for about half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees. Enjoy a healthy and tasty Breakfast. If the Apple is sour, pour into the prepared dish of honey.

The transition from a diet, which the usual complicated by the fact that at first the dishes seem to be bland and tasteless. It takes just a couple of weeks and the body gets used to the new diet, and it's fun.

Diet dinner for weight loss

Based on eating diet for losing weight should be in the soup, because it requires sufficiently large number of the stomach and nourishes perfectly. So it wasn't too skinny, it is permissible to cook another meat-broth.

How to get this broth? Pour water into the pan, put the meat, after boiling, remove the foam, put five minutes, the liquid is poured into the sewer. Poured clear water, the other the meat until tender, the broth is poured. This is the "second" broth, based on which you can cook diet vegetable soup.

  1. Lowered into the boiling broth (1.5 liter bottle) one chopped onion and one grated carrot, stand for 15 minutes, add potato cubes (3-4 pieces of medium size), noodles. Another almost ready, season with salt, add chopped fresh herbs, a couple of minutes away.
  2. Slightly vary the above recipe will help the mushrooms (150-200 grams ). They need to be washed, chopped and fry in vegetable oil until tender, place on paper towel, removing excess fat. Drop into the soup along with the potatoes.
  3. Pumpkin tomato soup. Bring to a boil 1.5 liters of water, drop it in powder form: 100 g pumpkin, 100 grams of zucchini, onions, two sweet bell pepper, one carrot. Cook until almost cooked, drop two ripe tomato, diced, salt. Another onion fry in vegetable oil and is also added to the soup. A little boil, add the chopped greens and off.
  4. Rice soup with fish broth. Liter of broth left after cooking the fish, strain, drop into it a handful of washed rice, a few chopped potatoes, grated carrot and onion. Cook over low heat until tender. Add salt, a little allspice and herbs.
  5. Pea soup-puree. In boiling water drop the well washed peas. If you cook one dose of 50 grams. That soft, add the grated carrots and the chopped onion, sprinkle with salt. After 10 minutes, sprinkle herbs on and off. You can eat it, or grind in a blender.

Losing weight even doctors do not recommend completely abandon the bread, so complement your meal with a slice of whole grain bread.

Dinner when diet

Next, consider diet meals for quick weight loss that will help you out during dinner. Since the second half of the day eating large amounts of carbohydrates is prohibited, dinner should be protein. So, dinner should be a piece of meat or fish that is boiled or steamed. Meat and fish can be baked in the oven without added fat. Complemented based on a salad of fresh vegetables or low-calorie vegetable stew. The recipes below.

Options salad for a healthy dinner:

  • take one hundred grams of cabbage, beets and carrots, grated on a grater, season with a teaspoon of butter, a little salt;
  • cut and put in a bowl two peppers, two tomatoes, two onions, leeks, green onions, parsley. Sprinkle with salt and add a spoonful of oil;
  • grind and mix: half a bundle of lettuce, cucumbers, a few radishes, dill and spring onion. Sprinkle with salt and fill with oil. Valid for the sauce use low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt;
  • grind and mix: celery, one hundred grams of cabbage, one cucumber, one small onion, parsley. Season with salt, a spoon of lemon juice and a spoonful of oil.

You can prepare other dishes:

recipes for weight loss
  1. A diet of cutlets of Turkey or chicken breast. Grind in a meat grinder 400 grams of meat, add salt, pepper, chopped green onion and one egg. Form patties and cook them in the steamer. Served with fresh vegetables.
  2. Scrambled eggs in losing weight. Take your favorite vegetables, such as tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and onions. Total weight is around 200 grams. Cut into cubes or strips, put in a baking dish greased with oil, pour the beaten egg mixture (50 ml of milk, two eggs, salt and herbs). Bake at 180 gr. about half an hour.
  3. Boil 100 grams of beans, soak it in water for 6-8 hours. Pan small amount of oil fry the finely chopped onion and grated carrot, add the prepared beans, salt, allspice, a couple cloves of crushed garlic and a Cup of tomato sauce (or two teaspoons of tomato paste and half a Cup of water). Simmer for 20 minutes, take it off. Serve, sprinkled with chopped greens.

Dietary dessert

Surprisingly, diet meals for weight loss, you can find many desserts.
Those in the mode of losing weight, do not completely give up sweets, because it threatens problems with the nervous system and disorders.

You can treat yourself to such Delicacies:

  • dietary cheese cakes. Mix two hundred grams of cottage cheese, a tablespoon of sugar, a teaspoon of starch, one egg, a little vanilla. Shape the cheese cakes, put them on a baking sheet, the laid parchment and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 200 gr.;
  • fruit salad. Mix in a bowl with your favorite fruits and berries, for example. apples, kiwi and strawberries, pour a spoon of honey and a small amount of natural yogurt. You can enjoy;
  • the treatment of fresh cheese. Whisk in a blender with 200 grams of cheese and 100 grams of ripe strawberries, garnish with grated dark chocolate;
  • oatmeal cookies. Take oatmeal and yogurt in a ratio of 3: 1, stir and leave for forty minutes. Add a little cinnamon, a handful of raisins, spoonful of honey, stir. If too liquid, it is permissible to add a spoonful of flour. Cookies spread on a baking sheet, bake at 200 gr. about half an hour;
  • in the summer losing weight help an excellent sorbet. This refreshing cold dessert of fruits and berries. You can prepare a number of different raw materials.

Three hundred grams of berries and 70 ml. water, beat with a mixer, type 70 grams of powdered sugar and mix well with a spoon. Put in a container and put in the freezer. Curing time: 2.5 hours. You need to stir every half hour.